Beauty Product Reviews

not a big fan

I was excited to try this product out when I first got it and maybe used it 3X at most. It's just so messy and yes it taste great and all but I bought it to exfoliate my lip lol not to eat it. I just felt like it got all over the place and I rather make my own sugar scrub to exfoliate the lips and it would be a lot cheaper.

I love this eyeliner and it is so easy to use. If you love liquid eyeliner then you have to give this one a try. It goes on very smooth and it doesn't dry out or get clumpy or flaky like some other liquid liners I have used . I love the brush and it makes for a very precise application.

At first I wasn't sure about this product and didn't even use until 2 months but now I use it every single day. It's absolutely amazing . The texture is very creamy so it doesn't dry out your skin like other concealer's. I use it under my eyes and you only need a little bit of the product because it goes a long way. It has a pink undertone so it really opens up my eyes :)

A really nice gift

If you are new to nars blushes then this is a must have. It's a great value and It has some of the nicest blush colors that would look good on any skin tone. I bought this for my mom as a gift and she loves it. What I also like about this palette is that it has a highlight along with other blushes. This palette is a good way to try out different shades of blushes and it's easy to travel with :)

A must have

This is my all time favorite blending brush. I have other belnding brushes from other brands but I always seem to reach for this one. It makes blending eyeshows very easy and if you are going to invest in a brush then this should definitely be on your list.

Expected More :(

I heard a lot of good things about this mascara and when it was first released in the States I ran out to buy my very own. Little did I know that I really could have done without this mascara. I was super excited to check it out at first but when I actually used it I wasn't to pleased with it. It didn't volumize my lashes at all and made them clumpy and stick together. I rather go with the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.