Beauty Product Reviews

Holy grail

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this oil cleanser. It gets EVERYTHING without stripping your skin’s natural moisture. I have a very sensitive dry skin and this is amazing. Probably the best cleanser I’ve ever tried.

Lasted my sweaty lids!!!

I am usually picky when it comes to eyeliner because my eyelids gets pretty oily but IT SURVIVED A 16 HOUR SHIFT! So I was really happy when I saw that it stayed the whole day!

Natural glow!

This is my favorite primer! I love using it as well when I don't feel like wearing a foundation and go for the natural glow look especially for that summer time glow!

Holy grail!

I've never liked clear brow gels/mascara until I found this product. It really sets your brow hairs and it actually dries off. I've had experiences where it remains wet the whole day. Definitely loyal to ABH!