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I seriously love these eyeliners! I have owned several colors (purple, teal, bronze, iridescent) for years and recently started using them again because I've been feeling glittery! I absolutely love them, and like other users have said, they stay on all day. I like to use them over eyeliner or above my eyeliner. I have also used it under my lower lashes for some serious glitter. It's really easy to apply and because the glitter is suspended in a clear formula, so it doesn't really show "mistakes." I usually apply it and let it set for a couple of minutes with my eyes closed or partially closed so it doesn't transfer to the upper part of my eyelid. After that, it stays put and offers a dose of sparkle all day. I have gotten at least one compliment every time I've worn it!

Not impressed.

This mascara had a really nice feel to it and went on really smoothly too, without clumps. It didn't make my lashes feel crunchy either. However, after wearing this at work for a few hours (sitting at a desk, nothing strenuous) there were black smudges underneath my eyes. I wore it a few more days with different eyeliner/shadow to see if this made a difference but got the same result each time. I ended up returning the mascara because I couldn't deal with the smudges. Maybe others don't have this problem but this mascara did not want to stay on my eyelashes!

Didn't deliver.

This mascara made some pretty serious promises that it did not live up to. I didn't use it for very long so I can't really speak to the long-term restorative benefits, but it's general appearance was weak. I didn't get nearly as much volume or length as I get from some of my favorite mascaras. I wasn't really crazy about the formula and definitely didn't think it was worth the money so I ended up returning it. I don't really have problems with lash loss but if I was worried about that, I think I would prefer using a treatment at night or before mascara rather than this product. To me, the supposed benefits weren't worth having puny-looking lashes all day.

Minty fresh for your lips!

I just started using this product but I absolutely love it. My lips get super dry as the weather gets colder and it's a constant struggle to keep them smooth. Granted, my lips haven't gotten all that dry yet because it's only fall, but so far I am loving this product. I have been using it at night before I wash my face. I take a small amount on the tip of my finger and scrub, scrub, scrub for about 30 seconds. I haven't actually been tissuing it off, just washing it off with the rest of my makeup which works fine and my lips feel smooth and refreshed when I'm done.

Light hold without the crunch.

I really like this product. My hair is extremely frizzy and out of control so I am always looking for something to tame it. This cream gave me reasonably good hold and eliminated a good amount of frizz. What I really liked about it was that my hair looked under control without using any crunchy hair gel. I recently got my hair cut to shoulder length (it used to be much much longer) and I think that I will really love this product when my hair grows longer again. When my hair is longer, the weight of it pulls a lot of body out of the curls and I think this would be the perfect cream to add some weightless definition to them without the stiff gel feeling. This cream also smells good and makes my hair feel very soft.

Smells amazing!

I love this product. I bought a bottle of this almost two years ago and it's still more than half full. Granted, I only use this when I straighten my hair, which is not terribly often, but a very tiny amount of this product goes a long way. I was using this after blowdrying my hair before straightening and then a small amount after straightening to tame flyaways. I absolutely love the smell and it makes my hair look super shiny and soft. I will advise that you use it sparingly because too much can make your hair look greasy. I absolutely recommend this if your hair needs some extra shine like mine does!

I can't believe how well these work!

I was really doubtful that these pins could hold my hair up but they are awesome! I have thick, curly, coarse hair. I wear it up in a ballerina bun while at work and it usually falls quickly with a regular ponytail holder. These pins actually manage to hold my hair in a bun for a good amount of time. I really love them and they are super easy to use. I really prefer them to a regular ponytail holder which tends to pull my hair.

Smooth, not sticky.

I really like the NARS glosses. Although my favorite is Chanel, this is a close comparison and a little less expensive. I was looking for a really light, nude shade and Greek Holiday is perfect. The swatch looks peachy, but it's really very nude. It's great for every day. I keep it in my purse because it goes with everything!

The perfect flush.

I love this blush in orgasm. I have olive skin and use bronzer in the summer, but in the winter I use this blush to give me just a hint of color. I don't usually like shimmer on my face but the shimmer in this product is very subtle. I love this and the matching lip gloss as well!

Fabulous combinations!

I love the NARS duo shadows. I like to wear bold colors and unusual combinations, so these are awesome. The shadows are super pigmented and go on really nicely. South Pacific is great for summer!

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