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Beauty Product Reviews

SO pleased

I dont know why but when you get this kit in some places you dont get matte and original foundation you just get whats best for your skin type I live in the UK and i have never spent this amount of money on a make up kit and I never thought I would BUT for the amount you get it is worth it i felt a thousand times better when wearing this, I think i would recommend this especially to my friends I would say its perfect for any one and especially younger make up users like teens such as myself

Love it

i got this as an xmas present and have wore it every day since i need to get some more though its sweet and i always get complements :)


i had been wanting a gel liner for a very long time and this was the only one avalible so i bought it to try and its really good compared to liquid liner but the only disadvantage is when you want it on your water line it will apply and then when you more it removes what was already on a few of my friends have also had this problem