Beauty Product Reviews

Made my hair wet-ish and not-at-all-sexy.

This just left my hair feeling somehow simultaneously damp and dusty, like a creepy book of family photos found in a basement. Needless, perhaps, to say, I returned it immediately.

As advertised...

I just found out about dry shampoo over this previous summer, and as someone with hair that veers toward oily two days after washing, it became a necessary investment. Two superficial things before I get to the actual product: I love the packaging. If I like the packaging and it pleases me aesthetically, I'm more likely to regularly use it (don't lie, I bet you feel similarly! ;). And, I love the scent- in the same way I love clean laundry smell.

This fluffs up my hair real good as promised. The fluff and refreshment lasts for a few hours, but doesn't stand up spectacularly well to usual environmental folies, like humidity, or grease (if you're someone who works in restaurants, etc.). For the instant va-va-voomph it gives my hair, I will continue to use it. But, when it runs out, presumably long after I am dead because this stuff goes for-ev-er, I might be tempted to check out other dry shampoos.

Gentle but didn't see long term changes.

I liked that this was a gentle cleanser for my sensitive skin, and it made my face feel quite soft afterward. It was also nice for removing make up in a cinch. However, I went through one medium size bottle of it over the course of maybe nine months and didn't see or feel enough of a difference to justify using it again.

I am crazy in love with this soap and have been for years. It is incredibly luxuriant, and the smell always surprises me- I'm pretty good about pinpointing scents, but Sultana is very elusive and mysterious and sweet. Half a star lost ONLY because it breaks down quickly.

I am forever being complimented on this color. I think it looks amazing on all skin tones. The swatch really doesn't do its depth justice, it is so refreshing (pardon the pun) and unexpected. I see mints a lot and this is still my favorite. The formula has gotten pretty thick in the last year, so I may need to order more; it has become harder to apply.