Beauty Product Reviews

The best....just wish it would last a bit longer.

I got the mini set of these from Sephora for my birthday and I'm glad I did. I love this lip balm!! Its the only one I've come across so far that actually improves my lips. The scent is amazing and it feels great on my lips. The only gripe I have is that the formula is a little too soft and buttery. The last one I got, a full-size, not a mini, was halfway done a week after I got it with not too much use. I never thought I would say that I didn't mind paying $20 for lip balm, but I don' long as it lasts a while. This one doesn't, but I like it enough that I will re-buy. Maybe not consistently, more like a little treat to myself every now and then. I hope that they will maybe improve the formula to make the product go a little further in the future so that I can justify keeping it around all the time.

My first UD palette!!

This was the first Urban Decay palette I ever got and what really got me into the brand. I still use it too!! I love all of the colors, even though there is some fallout from the glitter in some. I don't mind when I get glitter on my face because I enjoy glitter :) But the colors are very pigmented even with it being the old formula. I still reach for this palette a good bit. The little brush that came with it isn't the best brush ever, but I find it comes in handy a lot. I wish I could get a few more to be honest. I use it for putting color into the crease. The packaging hasn't really held up over the years even though the word "sustainable" is in the name. But it's not such a big problem that it keeps me from using it. I've had it so long that I really wouldn't expect much less after all the years. Overall it's still one of my favorite palettes and its perfect for anyone looking to try some of Urban Decay's eyeshadows.

Such a fun palette to play with.

I have been using this palette almost exclusively since I got it. I just can't put it down! I'm doing a sugar skull makeup on myself for Halloween next week and I'm using mostly this palette for it because it's just so fun. The shadows are so smooth and blend very well, but there is one or two that work better if they are patted on rather than smoothed on. I think the color is so gorgeous that it's worth the extra little bit of effort though. I really like how there are some neutral shades too, if I were to travel I would only need to bring this palette because it has a good variety of colors. The packaging is also the most practical I've ever seen from UD as well. The mirror is a great size and the packaging makes it easy to use unlike some of those in the previous palettes. The double-ended brush is also of really nice quality and a nice little add-on. Overall this palette is everything I expected and I'm very pleased with it. I think anyone who likes vibrant colors will love it as well.