Beauty Product Reviews

I was SUPER excited about Shatter, but I kind of have mixed feelings on this product now that I own it. It's neat idea but it's not my favourite - I'm sure it's not going to be my go-to nail polish. The uncontrollable shattering of the polish creates a cool effect giving your nails an edgy, rocker, and graffiti look. However, if you're a perfectionist (like me) and you like your nails to look identical, clean, and pretty - this nail polish isn't for you.

Cons: 1. It's not that easy to apply: you'd have to paint it on the nail correctly the first time because going over with another coat is nearly impossible. 2. If you don't apply a top coat, it'll look really tacky -- exactly like how whiteout would look on nails (I'm sure everyone tried it when they were young haha).

Love it! It's my new go-to liquid liner! I replaced my L'oreal Lineur Intense in carbon black (which I have been using for approximately 4 years) for the Maybelline one. I like the Maybelline one a lot better because it comes in blackest black so it really intensifies the eyes! The pigmentation is great, you only need to apply one coat of the liquid liner. The application brush is exactly like the L'oreal Lineur Intense. However, the only down fall to this product is that after a few uses, some of the liquid dried up inside the rim of tube... and it leaves a gooey gunk on the wand of the brush.

My absolute favourite matte powder (i'm in the shade - SAND). It's not meant to be full coverage but I don't wear foundation, so instead I use this to even out my skin. :) I've been using it for years and I love it. I have oily combination skin so during the summer my face will oil up like crazy if I don't have any product on my face. This powder leaves my face so soft and smooth and it also controls some of the oil.

I love it - great price for an awesome product! I've been using this for two years every single day! The pigmentation for the bronzer is great and it's very blendable as well. The blush is quite sheer, but it's great for an everyday look. I probably I will keep using this duo forever until it's no longer on the market! .. or until I find another one that beats this product. :)