Beauty Product Reviews

Great for quick, smudge-proof brows!

Brow Power is a great go-to for smudge-proof brows. It comes in one color, but depending on how much pressure you use to apply, the color changes to match your hair. So it can be used to match everything from blond, red, grey to the darker shades of brown and black. The pencil/spoolie combo make it easy to grab and do a great brow without fuss, and the waterproof formula will last all day. You can even go swimming!

Great texture and coverage!

I love this concealer! It gives a good medium-high amount of coverage and can tackle some pretty tough dark circles in a pinch. The texture is really smooth and creamy and blends beautifully. I also really love the smell. All of Terry's products have a rose scent to them, but it's organically derived from flowers she grows herself, so it's not a perfume. It's the actual essential oils of the flowers.

Pure luxury!

This brush is so dense yet so soft, I've never felt anything like it! I read that she originally created it to be used on hair, to tame flyaways, but then realized that it makes an awesome buffing brush. It can be used with any texture product and does a beautiful job at blending. It's the perfect size for face, but is also a great size for use on the body. Also, it just feels beautiful in the hand. Love!


Rae Morris is a genius! Her magnetic brush set is so cool. They look great on the plate and it's so easy to set them up so you can find the brushes you need. The magnet is in the brushes (not the plate) so you can also magnetize them to anything that is metal. The hair is super soft and really elegant, plus she has a lot of shapes that you don't find everywhere. They feel beautiful to hold and are well-balanced.

Super pretty!

I love the Anna Sui packaging, but tried the color because I had a dying manicure that needed a quick revival. Since this is a light shade, I thought it would be like using an almost-nude color with some sparkle. I was (pleasantly) surprised! It goes on low-key, but when it dries you can see the white frostiness very clearly and the sparkles give it a nice shine. The texture of the polish itself is almost like a pearl. It's a great way to have a quiet nail look that has something special about it. It's a perfect ice princess color!

Great enzymatic peel

I've been looking for a good enzymatic peel and was excited when I saw this system. I've tried it a few times now and love how super smooth it makes my skin feel. I've only used it a couple times, but have heard that after about 8 uses you start to see a noticeable difference in places with sun damage (my primary area of concern). So I'm going to continue working with it to see how things progress.

I also noticed that right after using it, I don't need a moisturizer. Even though it's a peel, it somehow leaves the skin feeling hydrated as well as soft. I get two generous uses out of each tube. When you twist off the nubbin on the tip, you can turn it around and pop it back into the opening to seal it until you use it again.

Delicious & Luxurious!

The whole Chikuhodo Z series is breathtaking. The brushes are super soft and blend makeup beautifully. My makeup looks better when I use them without a doubt. They blend the products on top of the skin perfectly but don't disturb the skin underneath. Plus using them is a delicious luxury. Every day when I spend time with them doing my makeup, I feel like I'm treating myself.

The Z-8 is great for blush. It doesn't pick up too much product (despite the size you can deposit just a whisper of product on the face). It has incredibly soft, flexible bristles and great density for blending. Absolutely gorgeous!

The only pencil that works for me!

For months I've been using other pencils and every day, when I leave the house, my eyes water horribly! So much so that I've taken to always having a tissue in hand. Then, one day I used Kevyn Aucoin's eye pencil and my eyes didn't water—not one bit.

I learned that I was having an allergic reaction to all my other pencils but this pencil formula does not trigger the allergies! I must be very sensitive because every other brand I use triggers a reaction. I've been using this one ever since and have not needed to take tissues with me as a backup.

Also, it stays on really well throughout the day. I've noticed fewer touchups are necessary (I usually have to obsessively check the corners of my eyes) and it goes on super smooth. Definitely a great eyeliner! And if you have watery eyes, I highly recommend checking it out.

Absolutely stunning!

This product is heavenly to apply! Every night I look forward to completing my cleansing routine so I can put it on. It has the most elegant scent (it's not perfume-y though, it smells more like essential oils), is cooling and has a feather-light texture. A little goes a long way. I always start to apply too much, which is fine because I just end up putting it all over my face! A total luxury but totally worth it!

Terrific makeup remover!

Bioderma is a magical formula! It has no scent, doesn't leave any residue and does a terrific job of removing even super tough makeup. You don't have to rub, just gently press a cotton pad soaked with Bioderma on whatever area you're trying to remove and wipe and it comes right off. It's great for sensitive skin and leaves your face feeling smooth and hydrated. I also discovered that it helps get makeup stains out of clothing—at least right after the stain happened. My new makeup remover love!

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