Copper Peel 8 Tubes


Alicia H.
Way more product than you think

I can go on and on about how this made my extremely sensitive skin as smooth as a baby's bottom with zero irritation or redness, however, I'd like to focus this review more on a great lesson learned from my experience with it. As someone who uses Dr. Dennis Gross' Alpha Beta Hydroxy Pads on a daily basis, I was taken aback on why there would be so few tubes. However, lesson learned when I excitedly popped off the top tossed it in the trash, and began my facial. I used about 1/8th of the tube for my entire face and neck and shortly after realized that I couldn't let this [literally precious] product go to waste so I decided to see how it'd work on my arms where I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris which had flared up in the cold weather. Anyone with KP knows how impossible it is to really smooth out but one treatment did the trick. So, in the end, for me the product did not go to waste and I had a new discovery, however, for everyone else out there...I have also since discovered that you can you can use the caps to reseal the tubes by turning them around and pushing the rounded end in firmly. A good 8 uses per tube which makes about 32 uses or so; even less than Dr Gross' daily peels. Not a bad deal.

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Kiki  M.
The best peel around

I became an Omorovicza die hard a year and a few years ago right before they launched US distribution- so I'd place my order thru email or online and have it shipped straight from overseas. After trying different products, I decided to take a stab at this and ordered the 8 pack set- and I don't know how to describe it other than mind blowing. It's gentle- there's no sensation that goes with this like most peels. It's a two step process. You use the blue tube first and lightly massage for a quick moment across your skin icing your face like a cake with the product. Then take the clear activator and gently massage it over the blue now resting on your face. You can draw it out to a spa like procedure and let it sit for a bit, or use it in the morning in your "get ready" routine and be done in 2-5 minutes- and the results are the same. SUPER SMOOTH, SOFT, SILKY SKIN.

It's truly incredible. After using this product for a while something they didn't tell me initially that I've learned over time: each tube can be split into two uses. The break off plastic cap can be reversed and put back in the tube to seal it shut, if you want to make one routine double to two. I alternate between both. Sometimes I love slathering the entire tube on, but often I'll use just half a tube each and it does the job just as well.

I can't recommend this enough. There's no Omoro product I've tried or own that hasn't been worth the hefty price tag.

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Bec S.
Great enzymatic peel

I've been looking for a good enzymatic peel and was excited when I saw this system. I've tried it a few times now and love how super smooth it makes my skin feel. I've only used it a couple times, but have heard that after about 8 uses you start to see a noticeable difference in places with sun damage (my primary area of concern). So I'm going to continue working with it to see how things progress.

I also noticed that right after using it, I don't need a moisturizer. Even though it's a peel, it somehow leaves the skin feeling hydrated as well as soft. I get two generous uses out of each tube. When you twist off the nubbin on the tip, you can turn it around and pop it back into the opening to seal it until you use it again.

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Jan T.
Interesting method and IT WORKS!

My face has multiple scaring from acne so I'm constantly searching for ways to help the texture look and feel better. I'm also doing as much as possible to work in anti aging products for my skin. I agree this might cost a little more than most people would like to spend but the product is a great one. I get several uses out of each tube by saving the cap and inserting it upside down back into the tube. Then I save both tubes in an airtight container. For my own peace of mind I keep everything as clean as possible. It isn't harsh, painful or irritating on my skin and my skin does feel smoother afterwards. My skin type is sensitive, mature (45yrs. young) and mostly dry yet I still break out once a month. I use this product mostly to help with texture issues and to maintain healthy glowing skin. You will not be disappointed if you invest in this product. I've been researching this line of skincare and I definitely will be investing in more of their products.

Just an extra note regarding customer service...Beautylish has become an absolute favorite site to shop from because of the time they take to make sure all my concerns have been addressed. I trust that the products I have never heard of and find on their site have been diligently researched and are nothing less than exceptional quality. I LOVE coming back to Beautylish to find my next great skincare item.

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RuthAnn G.
Oh my, wonderful!

I can't improve on the other reviewers comments and totally agree with their positive remarks. Once you realize that you can get several more uses than 8 the price becomes a non issue. But I must say I had a heck of a time getting the upside down cap pushed back in....these arthritic fingers struggled. :-) That aside, I couldn't believe how smooth my skin felt afterwards....this is a great discovery.

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