Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer Brush


Gabby L.

This has definitely made it to my rotation of favorite concealers. The coverage is amazingly good. My under eye circles are completely erased with this and it never creases or looks dry. The light pink color is so brightening and really makes me look awake. I will continue to buy this as long as they continue making it 💕

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Wed A.
Might use, Wont repurchase

Would I reach for it? Maybe (when i remember how much I paid for it). Would I repurchase? No. Would I recommend? No.There are better options for this price or less.

Michaelinda O.

This would have to be my absolute favourite concealer. It is nice and creamy not drying but has a lot of pigment. The brush is a great way to apply it. I ran water on it when I searched the colours on my arm and it just didn't budge! My go to from now on!

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Rebekah S.
Not terrible but not for me

I hate writing less than stellar reviews, but I also swore to myself that when I began my beauty adventures I would always be honest in that respect. It's especially hard to do when it's a product from a brand I love so very much...but here goes. The shades are great. I am MAC NW15 and Porcelain is perfect to lightly conceal and brighten my under eye area. Coverage is light to medium which is also totally fine. Unfortunately the formula is far too drying for my mature under eyes, and accentuates lines pretty badly no matter how much I prep underneath. It either pools in my lines or dries up the area making it look crepey. I thought can be drying...well then it will work great on my more oily areas! I was wrong :( it just pooled, migrated, and slid around. I just couldn't win with this one. Also the packaging on my pen was faulty twice in a row. The first one had a broken dispensing matter how much I clicked, nothing came out past the first little bit. Upon receiving my replacement, the lid fell out as soon as I opened the box and it never fit the pen correctly. I had to tape it on for travel which eventually created a sticky mess ( I used the entire pen...I wanted to give it a fair shake!).

In conclusion, I think folks with normal skin and no huge textural issues will love this. Mature ladies/gents or those with fine lines and wrinkles may not get along with it so well. Unfortunately for the price, I think there are better options available

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Winnie T.
Best Concealer so far.

I've tried a couple of high end concealers such as Cle de Peau and Tom Ford, but this is just perfect for me and my dry skin! It doesn't cake and it looks very natural. I could get away with just this concealer on my under eyes and the high points of my face and a light dusting powder for the whole day!

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Jill B.

Very nice concealer. Most concealers are thick but this is lighter in consistency yet has a good staying power and doesn't cake. I use it on my face to conceal red areas, broken capillaries and blemishes. Shade 2 Cream works perfectly for me.

Maggie K.
Total "Wow!" Product

I have not been this excited for a base makeup product in I don't know how long.

I've never been a huge fan of highlighting concealer pens ... most are too dark/orange for my fair skin (defeating the purpose), are too sheer or too heavy, and they seem to never sit quite right on my skin. This product blows every other click-pen highlighting concealer from every other brand on the market out of the water, in my opinion. It is SO phenomenal!

It's a soft matte finish, moderate coverage concealer that sits under the eyes gorgeously. What impresses me is that it does equally well under the eyes as it does on the rest of the face.

If you have major pigmentation to cover, you'll need a more potent concealer for spot concealing. However, this evens out the complexion, stops dark circles in their tracks, and makes skin seem to glow while being a soft matte.

It also has much more product than most click-pen concealers, so if the price seems a little high, it's actually quite fair for the amount of product inside.

Love this so much!

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Gaby V.
First Concealer I that works!

I've gone through every concealer there is (high and low end). This is the first concealer that actually conceals AND highlights my under eyes. The product does crease a little but once I've applied and let it sit for a few minutes, I go to the creases, tap crease with my ring finger, and crease is gone for the remainder of the day. This product is like magic... it actually blends in with your skin but actually conceals and highlights. It is hard to believe that it conceals/highlights/and blends into one's skin, but this is exactly what it does. This is my go to concealer from now. No more hunting for the "magic" concealer... I have found it!

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Bec S.
Great texture and coverage!

I love this concealer! It gives a good medium-high amount of coverage and can tackle some pretty tough dark circles in a pinch. The texture is really smooth and creamy and blends beautifully. I also really love the smell. All of Terry's products have a rose scent to them, but it's organically derived from flowers she grows herself, so it's not a perfume. It's the actual essential oils of the flowers.

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Amy Maria Y.
4 hours of sleep looking like 8....

I'm not sure how I lived without this before. I'm not condoning poor sleep habits but when I'm feeling extremely exhausted, I kind of expect my face to show this but I'm pleasantly surprised when I actually look rested. It's well pigmented but not cakey and you can build up a full coverage or light. Since it has highlighting properties in the formula, your skin actually reflects light making your skin look brighter. A lot of people compare this to YSL Touche Eclat - I can see similarities except this is WAY more luxurious than YSL. The rose infused concealer is pretty addicting. I keep this in my purse for touchups but I've never had to actually use it because it stays put!