Beauty Product Reviews

I love NARS Albatross. I must admit that I was intimidated when I first saw the product. A little bit goes a long way, even though it's in the higher price range it is worth every penny. I use it daily!

This is my all time favorite under eye corrector for my dark circles. I use my corrector on a daily basis, it's great. I plan on getting more colors to add to my kit. Its a definite staple in my make up arsenal.

My Daily Staple

I have used this eye make up remover faithfully since 2007. I made attempts to use other eye makeup removers, but I have always gone back to this one. Its not ultra greasy and it removes eye makeup in one swipe. It is very budget friendly, I have it in my kit, and I have plenty of back ups for personal use.

Grown & Sexy

This is scent packs a punch (in a good way), a little goes a long way. You have to be secure and confident in order to wear this scent and pull it off correctly! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! It's more of a evening scent, but in the winter it could be worn in the day. It's a very sexy & seductive scent.


I was not impressed enough with this product when it first came on the market. I viewed it as another average neutral palette......boy was I wrong. It's a great palette! I've had it for a couple of months and I'm in love. It is not bulky, it's very easy to store & travel with. You really can't go wrong, it's fool proof!