Beauty Product Reviews

Top notch.

Got this for free (someone bribed me with this baby and the Heftiest Hibiscus one) and I know for sure that I'll repurchase it again! I can't think of anything bad to say about this. Try it and you'll understand why I recommend this so much, because this particular shade looks good on every skin tone.

Got this today and I'm way too in love with this one. Bet the sales lady offered me this one because I had red lipstick on mine... which sadly was drying my lips, and I'm pretty sure I made a good decision for taking it! This baby is amazing, it lasts for hours and hours... and surprisingly, it feels like it's working great on moisturizing my lips. This is one of my best investment, totally.

I have this pigmented skin, also pigmented lips that need good lip colors to lighten up my face. Since my Mom is kinda against having her girl with too much make up on, as a newbie on make up I asked to get this lip palette on her visit to Sephora Malaysia. Before, I always get lipsticks from Maybelline as I think that particular brand has a good quality in decent price. Yet, I've never been so satisfied using them, especially on neutral colors I have until I got this one. This lip palette, I gotta say I don't use all colors, just two of them but they work perfectly on me. I also try to mix those two colors and the combination doesn't give a bad combination on me. Great one!

I'll definitely go back to this mascara over and over again. I'm kinda surprised to see how it works on my short lashes, which apparently needs special treatment from an awesome mascara. This mascara holds the curl for hours, I can't say anything bad about it.