Beauty Product Reviews

Super hydrating!

This is a great addition to my skincare routine - especially now during the warmer weather where my skin has been feeling dry (the AC hasn't been helping too!) I use it in the morning on top of my moisturizer to prime my skin before putting on my foundation and then again at night time before I sleep - when I wake up in the morning my skin feels so hydrated and soft. It feels almost silky when applied and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I also love the hint of citrus/vanilla - the smell is not overpowering at all and just adds a nice touch to my daily skincare ritual.

Great pigmentation and SPF 50! woohoo!

I've been looking for a good CC cream for a while - this one is my new go to! It has great pigmentation so you don't have to use too much (I learnt the hard way the first time I used it!) and an SPF of 50 - amazing! I love the way it feels on my skin (it doesn't feel like I have anything on) and it gives my skin a hydrating glow.

Truly stays where you put it!

I highly recommend this product to all eye liner fans! I love this eye liner for 3 reasons: 1) It stays put! Usually other gel eye liners/pencils that I have used in the past end up smudging and smearing on the eye lid and may even leave an imprint near my brow. This gel eyeliner - I put it on my top lids in the morning and it didn't move until I removed it before going to bed! 2) It is so soft on the lid when you apply - I can barely feel it! You don't have to press hard, tug or go over multiple times to get the pigment you need. 3) The pigment lasts through till the end of the day - no touch ups were required!

So fresh and so clean clean!

I LOVE this system! Just used it for the first time tonight and the first things I noticed was the amazing smells that come from each of the products - strawberries from the cleanser and papaya from the toner! Not overly sweet though, which is good. I loved Indie Lee's video tip about combining one squirt of the swiss apple serum and one squirt of the squalane oil into the hand, mixing together then applying on the face - easy! The face has this instant glow afterwards! And the biggest plus - it's ALL NATURAL! You should be so proud of your products Indie Lee!

My fav natural product!

In love with RMS products! And they're natural! love this color and the texture on the lips is amazing - super moisturizing and not sticky! You can vary the colour intensity, which helps going from a day to night look!