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IT Cosmetics

No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner


Alicia H.
Genius design and formula

Two things about me -- I live in a windy city and I wear contacts. These two things alone usually make eyeliner impossible for me. Either it runs and smears into the corners of my eyes or makes my contacts foggy and my eyes irritated. Time and time again I try a new liner promising to do none of the above only to be disappointed. To find one, let alone with such genius design (seriously -- a retractable pencil with a sharpener just for precision...genius!), is like going on a blind date with low expectations and leaving the with butterflies, anxiously awaiting the next time you get to see them, or in this case, "it" (see what I did there?). So far I've only been using it for tightlining my upper waterline and 10 hours later it is still on, eyes not irritated in the least and not even a smudge of transfer anywhere -- not even to the lower waterline which is unheard of.

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Asmeet S.
Truly stays where you put it!

I highly recommend this product to all eye liner fans! I love this eye liner for 3 reasons: 1) It stays put! Usually other gel eye liners/pencils that I have used in the past end up smudging and smearing on the eye lid and may even leave an imprint near my brow. This gel eyeliner - I put it on my top lids in the morning and it didn't move until I removed it before going to bed! 2) It is so soft on the lid when you apply - I can barely feel it! You don't have to press hard, tug or go over multiple times to get the pigment you need. 3) The pigment lasts through till the end of the day - no touch ups were required!

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Amy Maria Y. Team
Looks like Kohl but acts like gel

I love the dark, matte pigments in kohl liners but they have the tendency to run, smear or simply fade throughout my day. I must blink a lot or squint a lot but this liner stay puts. Usually gels only last on my top lids but I've had success lining my waterline with this without it moving or needing a touchup. This beats many other high-end prestige brands out there. If you're an eye liner junkie, add this one to your collection!

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Morgan H.
Incredibly Pigmented and Long Lasting

There are very few eyeliners that I trust on my waterline. It is incredibly difficult to find something that is not only pigmented enough that it stands out, but also long lasting enough that I can expect it to last throughout a night without constantly needing to reapply. I'm happy to say that THIS is one of the few that has passed my rigorous testing. Not only is it incredibly pigmented, it has incredible lasting power, not requiring constant reapplication to get you through a night. I've used liners from many, MANY different brands, and I can truthfully say few have impressed me more than this one from IT Cosmetics. A must buy.

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Nicole A.
Wow this baby is Super Black
Nicole A.'s Review Image

1st off I want to start by saying that one of my biggest problems with automatic of pencil liners is there claim to be carbon black, but that is the truth with this liner, I've used many many liners over my lifetime and this is probably the blackest most pigmented one I've come across in an automatic or pencil style liner. As for the ease of use this liner glides on silky and smooth and does not tug or skip like most do. I do wish it would stay sharp though but this is an issue with almost all automatic liners. I have a signature eye look I've been doing for years the bottom cat eye rather then the top, my only problem is I had a face & eye injury that has caused my outer right eye to water at all times of the day and night. So my battle with eyeliner started then, I use on a regular basis a cream or paint liner very thick with a matte black shadow over lay and it still runs in the corner. As for this liner this is the best of this style I've found in forever it stays in the waterline and actually lasted on me for about 4 hrs before my watery eye took over): If you don't suffer from the same issue I do then this will be" your" liner. It's so black it's amazing. I added a picture of my eye here and this product is what I have on my bottom lash line I wanted you to see the depth of color (:

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A C.
High hopes but didn't live up to expectations. Terrible in fact.
A C.'s Review Image

I ordered this with the Ardency Inn punker rock liquid eyeliner to see which would stay on longer. Sadly this smudged very quickly and easily. Just did not have good staying power. I would say purchase the ardency inn one.

The good: it comes in this twisting mechanism which saves you from sharpening the tip, but also has an attachable sharpener to sharpen the tip. The bad: Sadly this fails to be useful as the sharpener doesn't seem to sharpen the eyeliner much but just leaves it in an awful shape. (photo attached with my attempt to 'sharpen the tip). So terrible.

If you want a gel eyeliner with excellent staying power- I would recommend the the Chantecaille 24H waterproof eyeliner instead. Those stay on much better than this. V Disappointed.

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Michele F.

Great liner- good pigment and it stays put even on the water line. It is very soft so trying to get a thin line is more difficult. This line is well worth the price

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Breeze T. Moderator
This really stays on! And you don't even need much!

This eyeliner is so creamy, yet it doesn't bleed at all! I love that I can just tightline with it and not worry about my lower rim getting all black. Also, I love to just take a clean small edge brush and just take what is already in my tightline area and just drag it upwards for a very very subtle flick. It just gives you that "oomph". That goes to show that it's that opaque! I can use it on its own, take it onto a little brush as if it were a gel liner in a pot and it always stays. Love it. No complaints whatsoever, except now I want more of them!

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Judy B.

I don't wear black eyeliner. Have this I navy as well. Goes on close to lash line, doesn't smudge or wander onto my monolid. Probably will never use another liner

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Judy B.
Love this eyeliner

I have always had trouble getting eyeliner on smoothly but this product literally glides on. My other issue has always been the eyeliner migrating to my upper eyelid. This product stays in place, no migrating and yet removes easily without tugging on my eyelids. Will not use another eyeliners!

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