• DIY Beauty: Strawberry Face Masks
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    DIY Beauty: Strawberry Face Masks

    Face masks are a great way to feed your skin healthy antioxidants. Here are three strawberry masks that can help cleanse, exfoliate and brighten your skin.

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  • 3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store
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    3 Products You Need from the Health Food Store 

    Think the market is just for fruit, veggies, and food? Think again! Click to learn about three must-have beauty products available right from your local health-food store.

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  • Eco Update: Beauty Product Recycling
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    Eco Update: Beauty Product Recycling

    Ever wonder what happens to your hair gel tube or mascara wand after you're done with them? Well, thanks to a new initiative, they no longer have to go in the trash. Garnier is partnering up with TerraCycle to ensure that all beauty packaging can be recycled—for free! Now that's a beautiful thing.

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  • Beauty Myth: Does Your Skin Purge Impurities?

    Beauty Myth: Does Your Skin Purge Impurities?

    True or false: When you first start a new skin care treatment, the initial breakout is a good sign—that means your skin is purging itself of impurities. We spoke with New York City dermatologist Dr. Anne Chapas to find out the truth about this beauty urban legend. Keep reading to see the final verdict!

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  • Beauty Detox Smoothie Recipe

    Beauty Detox Smoothie Recipe

    To kick start your metabolism and get brighter eyes, clearer skin, more lustrous hair, as well as a slimmer waistline, begin your day with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe for breakfast.

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  • Beauty Detox

    Beauty Detox

    From the Master Cleanse to juice fasts, there are lots of detox diets out there that claim to help you lose weight and look better, fast. Beautylish spoke with celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder (Drew Barrymore, Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel, and Channing Tatum are just some of her clients) to get the skinny on what really works.

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  • DIY Beauty: Carrot Face Mask
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    DIY Beauty: Carrot Face Mask

    Not only are carrots good for your health, they can tone and clarify your skin, since they are naturally antiseptic and packed with vitamins (like carotene) and iron. Nom on some carrot sticks while you whip up this easy face mask that will be soothing and delicious for your skin!

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  • Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    Allergy-Proof Your Beauty Routine

    March brings wonky weather and the beginning of allergy season. Sneezing, coughing, water, rubbing, itching—we've all seen redness and irritation play out on our faces as a result of allergen overload. Keep reading solutions for keeping your makeup picture-perfect during allergy season.

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  • De-Stress Your Skin During Exams

    De-Stress Your Skin During Exams

    For students on the quarter system, final exams are fast approaching. The thought of project deadlines, difficult material, and last minute cramming can wreak havoc on your face. Keep reading for tips on how to de-stress from New York City based dermatologist and board certified psychiatrist Dr. Amy Wechsler.

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  • Fight Keratosis Pilaris
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    Fight Keratosis Pilaris

    Hve you ever wondered what those little bumps on the back of your arms are? Keep reading for more details on Keratosis Pilaris and how you can treat them from New York City dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf.

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  • DIY Beauty: Makeup Removers

    DIY Beauty: Makeup Removers

    If you use any type of makeup, you must wash it all off before you go to bed at night. Keep reading for recipes on how to create your own natural makeup removers at home!

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  • DIY Skincare: Face Scrubs

    DIY Skincare: Face Scrubs

    Gently exfoliating your face with a face scrub on a daily basis can help rejuvenate and improve your skin tone. Without exfoliating, the dry and dead skin cells can block your pores which can lead to blackheads, acne, and discoloration. Beauties, it's time to pamper your skin with these easy DIY face scrub recipes!

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