Get Glowing Skin Through Your Diet


Most people think that acne and a dull complexion are only skin deep, but that's a beauty myth we're about to break—your diet plays a bigger role than you think. Processed, fatty foods can overtax the liver and digestive organs, clogging your colon and tiny capillaries. These foods can leave behind metabolic waste that pushes outward through the skin, causing pimples, age spots, and whiteheads. Beautylish chats with raw food guru and author of Beautiful On Raw, Tonya Zavasta. Learn the skin care secrets that keep Tonya's complexion glowing at 53.


"People tell me daily that they drink gallons of water, but their skin is still dry. You need to drink water through nature's most important vessels: fruits and vegetables," says Tonya. They hold H2O at its most potent form, and provide the necessary fuel for healthy skin cell regeneration.


Your bloodstream feeds every cell in your body, so it's vital to have healthy circulation. A rich raw food diet includes essential minerals and antioxidants that detox metabolic waste your body doesn't need. This internal cleansing shows up externally in the form of radiant skin.


There's such a variety of natural fruits and vegetables to chose from, and the selection might be overwhelming to many people. Choose water-rich foods and stay away from dehydrated or processed veggies! "The best rule of thumb for produce: Go for color. The more colorful, the more it's packed with nutrients," advises Tonya. Seek fruits and vegetables with shiny skins like cucumbers and bell peppers which contain silica, a major player in smooth and healthy skin.


"This sounds weird, but I don't eat past 2 p.m.," reveals Tonya. "That's definitely extreme for most, but my body performs at its peak when I stop eating in the afternoon. When you don't eat late at night, you give your body a chance to repair and cleanse itself. In the morning, I always drink vegetable juice with beets to help cleanse the liver and kidneys and eliminate puffy eyes. I eat melons, crunchy salads, and green smoothies throughout the day. "


There's no magic elixir that will cure all of your problems, healthy living is an overall lifestyle. However, this simple recipe is a great start for those looking to gradually change their eating habits: Juice 4 or 5 cucumbers, 1 small beet root, 3 stalks of celery, and 1 big apple in the morning. "The apple gives it sweetness so people can adjust to the earthy flavor," she adds.


Tonya also practice facial dry brushing every day, her favorite way to gently exfoliate skin! Dead skin cells accumulate on the face just as they do on the body. Brushing your skin nightly with a dry facial brush removes dead skin cells, reduces surface skin oil, and minimizes blackheads. This technique also speeds up cell turnover and maximizes oxygen uptake.

Tonya Zavasta is the author of the book Miracle of Raw Foods and its sequel Beautiful on Raw. Supported by extensive scientific research, Tonya's on a mission to help woman look and feel beautiful through their diet.