Beauty Product Reviews

It truly is a 24/7 eye liner pencil and waterproof!

Yeyo is perfect for brightening up the waterline! No need for reapplication at all, and it TRULY lasts for more than 24 hours. I accidentally slept in with make-up on since I was sick and woke up the next morning without it budging or disappearing at all. Because it is waterproof it last on the waterline. It is not matte, in fact it has a lot of shimmer to it, so if you were looking for a matte white eye liner then this is not it for you. But, other than that Yeyo is the perfect waterline eye liner pencil.

My holy grail eye shadow primer.

I love this eye shadow primer with all of my heart. I have tried so many eye shadow primers and this is still my holy grail.

This primer helps your eye shadow last for over 12 hours, prevents all creasing, brings out the color, you can even blend eye shadows so easily with this, AND helps it become waterproof. Once you blend out the primer over your lid you can not even see it. With this primer I was able to go swimming at the beach without my eye shadow or eye liner budging or disappearing at all. It also helped my eyeshadow last long hours of walking and clubbing at Vegas without any reapplication.

For its price, everyone should keep in mind that this primer last nearly forever. I have owned mine for over two years and I still have barely put a dent into it. This primer really does it all and I recommend this to everyone.

I just really don't like it.

Normally I love Lancome products, but, to me, this was a complete miss. Yes, it gives a flawless natural finish, however the application itself is not so great. You have to replace the applicator and there are limited places where you can purchase it such as Nordstrom or online, but if you buy it online you have to pay shipping and what not. And the applicator itself is like $5. If you do not replace it after using it a lot the soft velvet like bristles wear away and what is left is the sponge. And, if you apply it make sure your face is totally dry (no sweat or oil) because that wears out the applicator.

I feel like if you do not apply it all over the face right away, or if you start on your nose, it gets blotchy and has build-up on your face. The oscillation itself works and I haven't replaced the battery for owning this for over two years. But I would rather get a powder brush and apply it than use the oscillation applicator, which does not make sense since that is what you are paying for. Overall, I would say the powder itself is good, the oscillation feels nice, however together I don't think they work as well as it claims. As far as coverage go it does not quite work so well -- for a natural finish it does.

My holy grail face primer.

I would say the only down side to this face primer is its cost. BUT, considering that you only need one pump of it per application it can last you almost two years. I am nearing that two year mark and in trying to avoid finishing it I have tried so many other primers but nothing I have used can compare to Lancome's La Base Pro.

One pump is enough for your whole face. I have normal skin but on occasion I can get oily around the T-zone area. But, the primer mattifies my entire face with no problem and sets within 5 seconds of application. If you aren't sure if it is completely set then wait an additional 5 seconds and fan your face.

This primer leads to flawless make-up application and can help your make-up last for over 12 hours. How I know this? This was my primer on my most recent Vegas trip and there was honestly no need to ever reapply powder foundation until past the 8-hour mark (and this is after walking blocks upon blocks on the Vegas strip). Even after clubbing you will find that your liquid foundation is not sliding off your face because of sweat (TMI? Haha, maybe.) This primer is also great for cosplaying because it helps your make-up not "slide" and increases long-wear.

Cute to add to collection, not so long wearing.

Color review: I swatched them against my hand in the photo I added. From the picture you can see how vibrant all the colors are up until the dark green and the navy blue. Turquoise and black are the only truly matte shades. As far as color goes if you want to add color to your eyeliner collection I would say this is a nice kit to try out. And although on the tinbox it shows that the middle eyeliner is white it actually a shimmery champagne color (which is still a good color for brightening the waterline).

Wear review: My problem with these eyeliners is that all of them are not so long wearing and the dark colors (black, brown, dark green, and navy blue) smudge a lot--even with using eye shadows to set them in and after smudging them an eyeliner brush. I even put eyeshadow primers before putting on the eyeliner and with that they still smudge. When I say smudge I mean that it will smudge to my lid and/or past my lower lash line. And with putting the champagne color on my waterline, I still find myself reapplying it after a couple of hours.

Overall, they are beautiful colors in beautiful packaging, but they smudge after an hour or more of wear and they do not last long. I was eager to try them because they are Hello Kitty and the colors (especially the purple, turquoise, and navy blue) are gorgeous.

Exactly what my lips need.

The flavors I have tried are Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Medicated Tangerine, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. My absolute favorite is Summer Fruit and I have already gone through two of them until the very end of what it has to offer.

I find them very hydrating, especially Medicated Tangerine for those extra dry winter days and nights. I have gone through so many different chap sticks from ChapStick, to Aquafina, Carmex, and so many others. EOS is the only one that truly works for me. Not to mention how delicious the flavors are. The flavor and the texture of the lip balm itself never wears off. Also, there is never a need to clean the lip balm itself by rubbing it on tissue from overuse or anything like that.

You won't be disappointed.

The first time I bleached my hair was about a year ago. Right after I drove to Ulta and asked them what's the best leave-in conditioner they happily offered up "It's a 10: Miracle Leave-in Product" to me. To purchase it at Ulta it is a bit on the pricey side (I now buy it a lot cheaper from my hair stylist) however users will not be disappointed.

This product works for wet, damp, and dry hair. It detangles bed head hair and damp hair like a dream. It is a great heat protectant for blow drying hair and before straightening. Unlike a lot of leave-in conditioners I had tried before, "It's a 10" is very buildable and does not become oily with too many sprays. It certainly protects my bleached hair color. The most important factor about this product that I notice when I STOP using it is that my hair has increasing breakage and split ends.

I personally don't like using it to add shine to dry hair. But, that's just my preference since I have a different product that I equally love for it.

My hair has never been this healthy for and I thank this product for it!