LA BASE PRO Perfecting Makeup Primer

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Milagro L.

Amazing and totally worth every penny. Better than most primers! Love the non messy pump. Love anything Lancome truly!!!! Great for all skin types and smells great too. Honestly one of my favorites.

Destiny C.

Reaaaaally good for people like me who struggle with oily skin. It doesn't have the sticky, shiny feeling and look to it like most foundations. It's definitely worth the money and I totally recommend it to people with oily skin! Also perfect for covering blemishes! Hides my freckles very well!

Phoebe H.
My opinion

I love my Lancôme products this goes on smooth and preps your face to whatever's next! So if you want a smooth looking face buy this primer you won't be disappointed :)

Ellie A.
Foundation feels and looks flawless with this primer!

Very impressed with la base pro, the texture is divine and it glides on so easily. Every foundation I use sits beautifully on top of it and they all stay flawless for longer when applied over the top! Would definitely recommend.

Sonya H.
Smooth application

I like this because it goes on smoothly, and it helps your foundation to go on smoothly as well, just glides on. Your foundation lasts longer as a result of using it. I would recommend this product, but I am trying to find a cheaper alternative.

Maricel A.
My holy grail face primer.

I would say the only down side to this face primer is its cost. BUT, considering that you only need one pump of it per application it can last you almost two years. I am nearing that two year mark and in trying to avoid finishing it I have tried so many other primers but nothing I have used can compare to Lancome's La Base Pro.

One pump is enough for your whole face. I have normal skin but on occasion I can get oily around the T-zone area. But, the primer mattifies my entire face with no problem and sets within 5 seconds of application. If you aren't sure if it is completely set then wait an additional 5 seconds and fan your face.

This primer leads to flawless make-up application and can help your make-up last for over 12 hours. How I know this? This was my primer on my most recent Vegas trip and there was honestly no need to ever reapply powder foundation until past the 8-hour mark (and this is after walking blocks upon blocks on the Vegas strip). Even after clubbing you will find that your liquid foundation is not sliding off your face because of sweat (TMI? Haha, maybe.) This primer is also great for cosplaying because it helps your make-up not "slide" and increases long-wear.

Julianne J.
Not really sure I saw a marked difference- For fans of silicone based primers

I got this as a sample from, I believe, a Sephora brush order. As with most Sephora purchases, this was a pretty generous sample size. Lancome counters are also really generous with free samples, even without making a purchase. I didn't really see a marked difference in the performance of my foundation when using this, and for priming I typically use a super moisturizing primer or moisturizer to quell my dry skin and create a dewey finish with my foundie. I've started to wonder however if silicone type primers like this one help smooth over dry flakes, because that's an issue for me. What I know for sure is this primer is great for those who love silicone primers- like the Smashbox Photo Finish and the Sephora primer. They are soooo silky and this one might even combat shine and excess oil. So, if you like primers with this texture, I'd say go for it, or at least try to get a good sized sample.

Shera G.
It's Okay...

i bought it because I liked the fact that it's so clear... and light!!! But it does't keep the oil off my face like NARS or Murad's facial primer... not for all day wear at all!

Eilla S.
Basic primer ridiculously priced

Both Lancome and L'Oreal primers were given to me. Both of them are the same even though they're different in texture. Lancome La Base Pro however has a quicker drying time and a lot easier to spread. My tinted moisturizer do stay on about 6 hours with both primers. If you have the money, go ahead and get Lancome but those on a budget, get L'Oreal instead. They're both under the same company. I won't be purchasing any of these primers cause the company is known to test on animals.