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My new favorite blush? I think yes! I have been completely obsessed with blush lately and as soon as applying this to my cheeks, the color popped and I felt like I was ready to walk down the streets of NYC blowing bubble gum while the sun followed me. I mean, need I say more? The color is amazing, I'm totally in love with how well it stays and the pigment doesn't fade.

One of the best concealers I've used, and it blends into my skin as if I wasn't wearing any make up at all. Smooth and gentle to apply, I'm impressed overall.

I love that there are multiple colors I can mix & match. Because my skin is lighter during the winter and super dark during summer, I am able to mix a combination that is perfect for my skin. It feels flawless when applied and lasts with full coverage. I also hold super dark undereyes and this covers me up perfectly. If you are a make up artists who needs a variety or someone who wants a long lasting foundation / concealer, I totally recommend.

It smells like cherries! I love this lip flush. It applies smoothly, and is super moist. It's like a lipgloss, keeps it's shine but without the stickiness. I have to say this shade and my lips are a match made in heaven.

I hardly use bronzer because my new found obsession is blush, but wow can I say this bronzer is out of this world. I feel like a total princess when I have this on. It's got a shimmer, which I love. If I ever need a glow, ITCosmetics Radiance bronzer is my shizz. I almost want to use it as a light highlight on my cheek bones, that's how in love I feel.

A little goes a long way with this CC+ powder. Being perfectly pigmented, it is long lasting and it's sure to rock your socks off. Super smooth, and lays with an airbrush finish. The marketing doesn't lie!

It smells like lemons, but it doesn't taste like lemons

It has a very nice coverage, and a super high SPF of 50+ which I love. I am all about coverage, and although it's not a foundation, it definitely blends perfectly with my skin. I can hardly notice that I put it on, that's how well it's placed. I have to say it's done it's job, and I am impressed.

Hands down - THE BEST

I have to be honest, I hardly use cleaners or make up removers when I come home from work. It's usually straight to the shower I go. But Bioderma's formula is absolutely amazing. With just a little liquid on a cotton ball or pad, all my makeup is removed. It takes off the most difficult of pigments even though my skin is sensitive. I 150% recommend Bioderma and am a life-long customer to this product.

Amazing color, long lasting

I have never used a lip tar before, and my God does the color last forever. With only a centimeter of product, I nearly covered my lips with bright, pigmented goodness. The colors they have range from bright pink to bright blue to black, I mean you get whatever you want out of these lip tars. Great for everyday, or for costume play.

It is what it sounds like

La creme de la creme, for real. I almost feel like I am putting on a lipchap with color. Smooth, pigmented, long lasting. I hardly ever wear nude and I love La Creme nude. I have to say I judge a book by it's cover, I definitely judge my makeup by it's appearance and La Creme has the whole package.

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