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The only palette I use

I have never loved a palette as much as the Chocolate Bar. I use it daily, and have been complimented on how pigmented it is. All though the rave is all about the Naked palettes, I have to say Chocolate Bar takes the cake. It's not just a shade of similar colors, but has a range of pinks, gold and browns with a white highlight.

Anti-Crease indeed

I normally use a pencil primer for my eyes, but this product doesn't lie. I've used it a handful of times over the past week and have to say my shadow has never stayed in place so well!

If I had to choose, it would be Inglot lipstick

I never wore lipstick until I tried Inglot cream lipstick. It applies nicely and keeps my lips moist instead of drying them out. With what feels like tens of different colors, I cannot get enough. I am currently obsessed with the light purple, which I thought would be completely out of my comfort zone, but feels oh so good. I'm glad I can experiment but still feel fierce even with a color I would never imagine I would love to use.

Perfect lid primer

I have had this pencil for nearly a year and it has yet lost it's life. A little over half way used, its quality is still amazing and blends smoothly on my lid. When I neglect using this primer, my eyeshadow tends to bleed and crease by mid-day. If you aren't into liquid eye primer, It's long lasting and smooth, I totally recommend.

Perfect amount of warmth

I absolutely love the CT Beach stick. It is my go-to blush the past few months (I have a warm olive skin tone) and plan on using it throughout summer and winter, especially when I feel a bit gloomy and when my skin needs a pick-me-up. It's hard for me to be excessive with the beach stick because it blends very well on my combination skin, and lasts throughout my day.

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