Beauty Product Reviews

Not impressed

I tried out Make Up For Ever's Aqua Liners when i was killing time at Sephora today. The photo above was taken about 6 hours after application on my hand and after a bath. All the colours are sparkly/shimmery except the black and they dry slightly shiny, not matte. I find them very liquid, and because of that, the felt tip applicator comes out with abit too much product. I had to draw over twice for most of them cause it was as pigmented as i expected. The silver is very sheer btw. The staying power is not that great as you can see from the photo, it's not that waterproof. Overall, im not that impressed i actually prefer the ones from L.A Splash.


I got their semi-matte lipstick at a event, and i must day, it is divine. The texture is is velvety and it's not drying. It smells amazing due to the tangerine, mandarin orange, bergamot and all the other oils they put in.. I wore it with a cranberry lipliner in this photo.


This iridescent gold with a green shift is like the epitome of goddess. So very hypnotic. It applied really easily and dries smooth and streak free. I love it so much.. Anyone knows if they have other polishes with the same sort of duo chrome finish?

neon love

So amazing! My only qualm is that there isnt a matte neon blue or turquoise. I really would love that instead of having 2 shimmery/metallic blues that are very similar in colour.