Beauty Product Reviews

Must have!

i was really hesitant on buying this as a makeup remover because i use waterproof mascara which is really tough to get off but i have to say this does remove more than i expected. This removes everything else off 100% and leaves my skin so soft!!! the majority of the time i dont even wash my face after removing all my makeup, something i had to do after removing it with water/oil base makeup remover. Im obsessed with this!!!!

no need for high brand mascara!

i love these new mascaras with the silicon brush(been around for awhile), it really helps define and separate those lashes. this is by far my favorite mascara, so hard to find!!! so i have explored other drugstore brands like mayballine and other covergirl mascaras, but they have to have the silicon brush and they must be waterproof!!! My eyelashes are not naturally curly so only waterproof mascara with make them stay curled! some people don't like waterproof mascara because its hard to remove but its nothing little oil makeup remover can't take off.

Back to basics

i would recommend this foundation for any beginner who wants medium to full coverage. Ive been using this foundation on and off ever since it first came out. I purchased this years ago(2008-2009) because it was the only foundation that had a very easy to use "match your foundation chart". I love to try all the latest foundations, but when would be stuck with a foundation that i end up falling out of love real quick, i just reach for this gem and then realize why i still repurchase it all the time. the range of colors are amazing. i always find myself jumping from N3-4 to W5-6 when my complexion is tan. mixing these foundations are even more better! for people for need more hydration used the Lumi true match. also amazing!!

the reason why I'm not afraid of eyeshadows anymore!

I've been obsessed with makeup ever since i can remember but i truly sucked at applying eyeshadow and blending and applying at the crease only. you know what i am talking about. well i must have been using terrible eyeshadows, because once i started using inglots eyeshadows everything just blended like BUTTER. i couldn't believe it, i felt like a G. the prices are amazing and you can build your own palette and they have endless colors to chose. you can't go wrong with these eyeshadows.

if you like very subtle natural brown colors these are the colors i got. Freedom System Eye Shadow 327 Matte Freedom System Eye Shadow 337 Matte Freedom System Eye Shadow 355 Matte Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow 117

BECCA the gods of highlight.

The first time i heard of Becca was because of Jaclyn Hill (highlight QUEEN). it was my first highlighter and i honestly never even knew what a highlighter was lol. But when i saw what jaclyn hill did with Becca's highlighter i just NEEDED it in my life! You can use this highlighter very subtle or BAMM just glowing from outer space!

i love to sprits my brush with makeup setting spray and then pick some product and apply. it lessens the look of powder!

i do avoid putting highlighter on when i break out around my high points of my cheeks because the highlight will make the breakout more noticeable.... ugh so sad buts thats not becca's fault, it's mother nature!!!

a must!

Took me a really long time to buy this little sponge, at the time i had a real tech sponge that did a good job but eventually i gave in. While the real tech sponge IS GOOD, i feel that both sponges give a different result. I def prefer the beauty blender. the BB just does the job so much better. It blends your foundation/concealer flawlessly but i must say not all foundations call for a beauty blender. i tend to use my BB for very thick liquid, full coverage foundations. i would never use my B blender for a light coverage foundation or a BB cream, it will just take away all the product. I love to use my beauty blender to take away any excess powder i have when i finish my makeup, can't be looking cakey here hahaha.

If you love very defined brows

I bought ABHs dip brow right when it first came out, i was so excited. I had never used anything besides powder for my brows at the time, so i was very hesitant about this type of brow product. But wow this baby really fills in your brows perfectly! Ive had my dip brow for about 2 years, probably not the best thing to still have but it last very long. the product does dry out eventually but i just dab some oil (makeup remover oil or aragon oil) and it brings to a lovely creamy consistency. i also used the ABH #15 brush as well which works perfect with this product.