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Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter


Jay S.
Super shimmer

This is super shimmery. I use it for body not face. Love the shine in summer. It adds a feel of glamour and fancy !!

Rheanna M.

Extremely in-love with my Opal highlight by BECCA! I've been using this product for a year now and have not touched any other highlight ever since. The pigment is amazing and it has a perfect gold shimmer that compliments my skin tone perfectly. Definitely worth purchasing!

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Karen P. Team

My go to highlighter which is my ALL TIME FAVE. Ever since i got my hands on this product, I’ve been using it ever since! Days where i tried to switch over to use my other highlighters, i always catch myself going back to this. I can never let this one go. The pigmentation is sooo AMAZING. You can get that awesome glow on your face and you definitely won’t be disappointed. I highly recommend this product and it is worth every penny.

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Claudia G.

I have been obsessed with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector for years. I have used Champagne Pop for such a long time, but switched to the shade Opal. It has changed my makeup routine for the better. It gives a glow from within look but can still be buildable to achieve a blinding look. In the past I have used highlighters that would just sit on top of my skin and didn't really blend with my makeup. You can never go wrong with Becca, especially since their are many shades to choose from.

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Jenny C.
Looks nice in photos, glittery in real life

When I heard all the rave about becca highlighters, I just had to get my hands on one. Yes, it swatches beautifully, it's super pigmented (to me that's not much of a merit because I also like highlighters that can be built up nicely on the skin), and it is a blinding highlighter. Don't get me wrong, I love a strong highlight, but I have to say that the heavy swatches we see online are often quite misleading. Once I blended this out on my skin, I was sorely disappointed to see very prominent glitters on my face. Even my friends noticed. It's not one of those chunky glittery highlighters, which is confusing because when I finger swatch it, it feels soft and buttery, but once it's on my skin it looks powdery and tends to sit on top instead of melding into my skin. This product does have a lot of kickback, the way I have made this highlighter work is just really work it into the skin with my brush, I keep blending until I have swept all the big glitters off and I'm left with a smooth, seamless, and glossy highlight.

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Klaudia L.
Stunning on Tan/Olive Skin

The Opal shade is the pair with tan/olive skin. It has more of a champagne gold look, and shimmers amazing. The pigment lasts for a long time without looking like a an alien. Using this powder paired with the liquid highlighter is just perfect and lasts forever.

Angelica T.

Most beautiful highlight I've ever used 😍 It gives a natural glow but you could definitely add more to beam it to the moon you know if you want to be extra!

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Kettly  T.

I just simply love it. It is truly gorgeous Would love it better in a little darker tone but I'll settle

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Erin D.

I LOVE Becca highlighters! The opal is my favorite, it's almost a rose goldish color. The formula is great, not chalky and looks great on any skin tone. I just wish I had them all!

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Amanda S.
Can't believe how beautiful it looks on my pale skin!!

I fell in love with Opal because of its golden tones, but my skin is cool toned and fair. I decided it would be worth the risk and i could use it as eyeshadow if it didn't work out. BUT WOWW!!! Opal compliments my skin so so well when I have a full face on. Becca formulas are always amazing, pigmented, creamy, long-lasting, and the pressed skin perfector is no exception. I actually like it a lot more than the poured formula just personally. So worth it!!!

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