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Just recently bought this- a gorgeous kit to work into your neutral shadow wardrobe

I just got this last week and I am IN LOVE. Matte, shimmer, glitter and all in sultry gorgeous shades. I like that this could be used for daytime with a soft touch but really shines at night. Definitely something I'd recommend for those who have neutrals but want a more glam look.

Good mascara

I got a mini of this and really enjoyed it--- not sure I'd repurchase because of the price tag but I really liked it! If you like dark, waterproof mascaras this is a good purchase.

Gorgeous and understated- but can be amped up

These shades are lovely. Particularly great for those with fair skin because even the deeper colors aren't too overwhelming. Good mix of shades, and definitely lives up to the name "Romantic"! The first Too Faced Palette I bought and still a favorite.

Amazing for dry skin!

I LOVE this foundation. It's dewey and light, but perfects my skin without effort. I love the finish more than anything- it's healthy looking, just like the name says. Beyond that, it has good SPF coverage and wears well throughout the day. I don't feel like I'm wearing a ton of makeup when I put this on because it's so light and moisturizing. Perfect if you have dry skin, because it doesn't settle into dry skin like some foundations do.

Amazing palette, can't live without it.

I got this last summer and haven't looked back since! The formula on these shadows is amazing, and the colors are unbelievably pretty. Everyone has their favorite shades and combos, and lately I've been wearing Half Baked all over the lid, with Darkhorse in the crease and Virgin on the browbone/inner corner. It may seem pricey for $50, but each full-size Urban Decay shadow is normally $18, so this is a steal when you divide it out- a little more than $4 per shadow! You save a ton by buying this, and you get great, easy to use colors!

Love these- really unique shade

I collect nail polish and I love picking up one or two of these whenever I'm low on cash. Pacific blue is one of my all-time favorite blues and I haven't been disappointed with these polishes yet! There's really no harm in trying them for the price, and the colors are really gorgeous!

AWFUL application

I read a blog review of Buttercup that was a rave, so I picked it up and tried it out. Can I just say ew? This was impossibly streaky and somehow also goopy. I felt like nothing could save this polish, and I really wanted a pale yellow polish. This is coming from someone who buys a TON of polish- do not go here. I returned this to Ulta the next day. Stick with regular Revlon polishes if you want Revlon- but overall OPI, Essie, and China Glaze are the best for about the same price as this polish.

Great brush set for the money!

Why spend so much on MAC brushes when Sigma brushes are the same quality for less? This set is a great start for anyone who loves makeup. I feel like almost all of my makeup needs met by this kit, but I will say that I would have liked a smaller blush brush. The eye brushes are unbelievable, and will seriously improve your technique. I will say I've had some shedding on the stippling (duo fibre) brush. Otherwise I just plain love these! I'm hoping to get the precision eye kit soon!

Best lip balm for under lipstick!

I love these balms! I've run through a few of them and they're SO smooth! I love that they're really hydrating without being greasy. Most lip balms are either super greasy or not hydrating enough, and this manages to hydrate smoothly. Plus the flavors are amazing! Definitely worth trying!

The first bronzer I've EVER liked as a fair skinned girl!

I am VERY fair skinned. Most bronzer makes me look dirty, like a bad orphan child makeup in a play. NOT ideal, right? So I stocked up on ELF this week and thought I'd give this a shot... it's only $3. Oh my goodness. I'm glowy! I'm summery! I'm slightly LESS pale and I don't look like an extra from Oliver or Annie! Go pick this up NOW!

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