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very beautiful defined lashes

I love the Super Hero Mascara and love thick full lashes. This is meant to give lashes some lift and definition. It's beautiful. Not clumpy, no fall out and gives lashes length and separation. I expect this to become a favorite! The packaging is a little weird and gimicky looking, but I also love the dry bar round brush so I think it's kind of cute. I preferred how this looks after 3 coats, and really started at the base to build it up.

Hot mess

I think I liked the actual finish of the powder... It's hard to know because I am so annoyed when I use it. I waste so much product and it just ends up everywhere! EVERYWHERE. I originally bought this to carry in my purse but that was a mess. I will probably end up dispatching it into the lid of another powder and trying to use it that way. You just can't believe how much powder comes out!

Affordable Starter brushes

I am torn because I love the concept of units and I really like the face brushes. I loved 2 of the brushes from this set, disliked one and am indifferent on 2. If I had a teenage daughter or friend on a budget looking for a place to start with brushes I would suggest these. But if you've been on the Wayne Goss, Smith and Sonia G train then these may not impress you. I threw them in my back up kit for days on set when we have so many faces and no time for spot cleaning. I would compare them in performance to MAC brushes. They do the job, but I don't think they make it easier like a Sonia G brush does.


Ok, this needs an extra star! I love this cleansing balm. I've been using the Farmacy and ItCosmetics Cleansing balms and like them, but this one is better and half the price.

It doesn't leave any residue or over clean your skin and leave it feeling tight. I have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes and and this doesn't burn my eyes or cause a skin reaction. I got it right when it launched and I am only just now ready to repurchase. So I just cut my skin care costs in half for the year! Yay I can buy more Wayne Goss! :)

Beautiful rose gold sheen

I love both shades of these for easy makeup days. The pigmentation is really good and there is a reflects sheen to it that almost makes the lid look a little glossy.

This has been my go to with IT Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara. Clean, illuminated, fresh beauty!

This really works

I had a serious shoulder injury this year and using this several times a day really helped to manage the pain and keep me from using pain killers and OTC pain relievers. It's funny because with an icy hot type balm you feel like it's doing something but it doesn't have a lasting effect. This however works for hours and you don't feel it working, you just stop feeling the pain. It's impressive how quickly you feel relief!

3 best sellers in the best packaging!

This set has 3 mini sized best sellers from Benefits line. And it comes in the cutest mini tin cake! It's a fun way to try new products, stock your travel bag or give some stocking stuffers. I wanted it for the packaging alone and will remove the internal cardboard and fill this mini cake with other fun makeup items for a super sized gift! A friend of mine got this for a friend who just got engaged and I thought that was the best idea!

great value but...

This is a great kit with some of their best products. But, the hoola and shadow are just placed inside the kit. They aren't in their own packaging, so you either have to use them in this bulky package or put them in an external palette. I think it's still a really cute gift set but I can't see anyone wanting to work out of this packaging with the powder products. Highlight from this kit is the lip color!!! It's gorgeous!

The cutest gift set of the season!

OK, I am obsessed with all 3 of these Benefit holiday cakes! This one being the largest is going to give you the most bang for your buck with 3 full size products and one mini. I opted to buy all 3 cakes so I could create special custom holiday gifts for friends but admittedly I am going to keep this cake because the tin package is just the cutest thing ever. The other 2 are a small and medium size and they will make anyone smile! Way to go Benefit for these affordable sets with delicious packaging!!!

5 stars for value alone!

This is a great deal for this kit!! The black Pro blenders are my favorite and using the blender cleanser will safely clean your blenders after every use and prolong their life span! I think the blotterazzi situation needs some work to actually be a portable useable product. But overall this is an awesome kit!

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