Beauty Product Reviews

Everyone needs this brush.

It's simply the most versatile and useful brush to have in your collection. Not to mention the high quality/softness of MAC brushes. I highly recommend this over any eye brush or any other company.

Fantastic for the price.

I have found these fun and easy to use, as long as you have a steady hand. Simple designs are easy for everyone; it's just when you get into intricate designs people might complain. I get them for under $2 and I own about 10 colours. I absolutely love them.

Good coverage, not enough shades.

I liked the coverage it provided me, however I could only use it in the summer when I got some sun because even the lightest shade is not light enough for my skin tone (and I apparently did not notice this in the store).

Overall, a fantastic buy.

I have quite a lot to say about this product ! First off, I think it's an amazing thing to have and I definitely recommend it, especially young people who are just starting to wear makeup due to its natural flush effect. I would actually recommend getting a smaller size if it's available to you (I got mine in a set of 3 large sample sizes at Sephora that came with Benetint, Poseytint, and High Beam) as they take forever to run out. TIP: Make sure you don't leave it on too long before you rub it in because it will become streaky and it would be hard to redo as it is a stain.

Made for all lash types.

Great product. I really like the application, especially on my bottom lashes that are annoying to reach. The only complaint I have is that the waterproof one is very crumbly in substance when it flakes off a little during the day.

The quality will make you feel like royalty.

I've used Deep Throat and Orgasm, DT being my favourite out of the two. I will definitely be trying a couple more. I'm very impressed with the pigmentation and especially the texture/application.

Leaves your hair soft and smelling amazing!

I don't have a lot to say about this product other than that it does what it claims to do if you use it consistently. I do recommend, as a lot of other people also recommend, using it as a daily (or every other day) conditioner instead of just once a week or whatever.

Definitely a makeup essential.

This goes out to people who wonder if you really do need a primer to make your eyeshadows last/pop. I went without one for a very long time and I couldn't believe I did after I tried this stuff. I've never tried other brands, but I really don't feel the need to. This stuff is near perfect, especially now that the product is sold in a tube that allows you to get all the product and is sans the doe-foot applicator.