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This is my go to mascara! I have tried many others, but they don't seem to match up. I have multiple tubes in case I run out I have another. I have no lashes (length or volume) this makes it seem as if I have false lashes on and no spider lashed either. I have tried the newer versions, but always reach for this one in my makeup collection. LOVE IT!

Loved it

This is the 1st gel liner I have used. I have always used pencil liners in the past and liked them. Since using this I realized what I have been missing moving up to a gel liner. I have tried liquid liners, but always seem to mess it up and never matching one eye with the other. This one was really easy to use and apply. I love to blackest black color. It lasts for my entire work day and I certainly can't complain. Thank you for the brush if not what would I have done or used. So glad I tried it. I saw this on one of the you tube videos I watch, I couldn't remember who, but thank you!