Beauty Topics Nobody Talks About: Female Nose Hair Grooming


We’ll talk openly about dealing with chest acne, pit hair, mysterious red bumps, and other body ailments but rarely will we air our grievances on one thing: nose hair. Why it’s not mentioned more often, we’re not entirely sure. Maybe it’s because nose hair is something that’s usually attributed to our old grandpapas. Truth is, most of us deal with it at one time or another. We’re only human! And get this, even the most glamorous of movie stars are not safe from the rogue hair or two crawling out of their nostrils. It was reported Marlon Brando cruelly whispered to Sophia Loren on the set of A Countess From Hong Kong that he could see her long nose hairs sticking out. What a charmer, that one!

We asked celebrity skin care expert, Dr. Debra Jaliman, for her advice on nose hair maintenance and why we have to deal with it anyway. Read on for the 411!

**Is there even a purpose to it? **

You may wonder what nose hair is even good for. Well, it actually works as a protector! Dr. Jaliman explains, “Nose hair works to filter foreign particles from entering the nose and as we age we may get more or longer nose hair.” It also helps balance the humidity in your nasal passages. If you completely eliminated your nose hair, you’d more than likely suffer from allergies. So, don’t think you have to give your nose a Brazilian! Just kindly trim the hairs that visibly stick out.

Best tools to use

While electric nose hair trimmers are specially made for this purpose, Dr. Jaliman says cuticle scissors are a great choice. We suggest these scissors from Anastasia as an option for trimming time as well.

How to do it

Dr Jaliman advises trimming in an area that is well-lit and with a magnifying mirror. After all, you’ll want to make sure you can see exactly what you are trimming in there! To ensure safety and sanitary conditions, clean both the area and the scissors with rubbing alcohol before you begin.

What about tweezers?

While Dr. Jaliman says a tweezer is safe, it might be the most painful option. If you do decide to go that route, make sure to apply an antibiotic afterwards.

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