New Year’s Resolutions That Are Easy To Keep


I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions. They’re supposed to inspire you to do better, be a more productive, emotionally healthy, balanced person—but for me, they have the opposite effect. The millisecond I settle on a resolution, I can’t wait to do the exact opposite. Give up carbs? I’ll need a croissant, immediately. Put away my clothes the same day I do laundry? Great, I’ll leave them in a basket till next Tuesday.

The funny thing is, I usually honor my beauty resolutions (I’m too vain not to). And this year, I came up with three that I’m absolutely sure will stick. Here, check out my most pressing skin, hair, and nail resolutions for 2015!

Resolution #1: Take proper care of my cuticles.

My cuticles are a ragged, jagged mess. They look terrible—but even worse, ungroomed cuticles can cause unhealthy, weak nails (they’re a protective cover for the tissue that grows nails). Between manicures, I vow to massage the area with RGB Cuticle Oil—a nourishing blend spiked with jojoba, Myrrha and cucumber oils; plus biotin to strengthen nails.

Resolution #2: Invest in a good eye cream.

No one’s getting any younger, let’s face it. And when it comes to skincare, it’s all about taking preventative measures—like, making sure your delicate under-eye area is always hydrated with an anti-aging moisturizer. Bliss The Youth as We Know It Anti-Aging Eye Cream fights dark circles, crow’s feet, bags, and even saggy brow arches. Love.

Resolution #3: Get into pre-shampoo treatments.

My hair is naturally curly, which means it’s also naturally dry. Plus I dye it within an inch of its life, so it’s super-dehydrated. I need all the help I can get, and the new crop of pre-shampoo conditioning treatments nourish thirsty scalp and strands, and actually help enhance the benefits of your traditional conditioner. Burt’s Bees Avocado Butter Pre-Shampoo Hair Treatment is loaded with olive, almond, rosemary and nettle oil, leaving hair shiny and supple.

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