How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Instantly


Getting rid of dark circles can be one of the toughest makeup challenges to overcome. We recently found this video by Chiutips that explains it so clearly and simply that we had to share. Check out the video below and read her tips for easy steps to get rid of dark circles—and don’t forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel, Chiutips.

Can you explain why you use color-correctors instead of a concealer?

I find that using color-correctors can sometimes work better than concealers because instead of “concealing” the problem area (eg. dark under eye circles), color-correctors “neutralize" the black/blue/purple hues.

Is it a technique you could use every day?

I don’t think it’s necessary to use color-correctors every day, as regular concealers can do quite a good job. However, if you do have intense, dark under eye circles that need neutralizing, using a color-corrector is definitely a good option.  

Can you achieve a no-makeup makeup look with this, or do you only use it when applying a full face of makeup?

A color-corrector is meant to be applied underneath makeup and normally not worn on its own. It’s also meant to be used sparingly, because you would also put your regular foundation and concealer on afterwards.  

Can you quickly recap which color product you would use for which issue/skin discoloration?

Yes! The easiest way to explain color theory is to look at a color wheel.  Basically, colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel will cancel each other out. In this video, I explain that green cancels out red, yellow cancels out purple, and peachy beige cancels out blue. These 3 colors are normally found in dark under eye circles.

Does this work for all skin types and tones?

Yes, you just need to find the right color-corrector! I always suggest trying a test patch on your skin to see if the color-corrector truly cancels out the problem areas. A general rule to follow is that lighter skin tones should stick to light-colored correctors and dark skin tones should stick to darker correctors.  


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