The Secret to Non-Brassy Blonde Hair? “Silver” Shampoo and Conditioner! 


Sure blondes might have more fun…until their color starts to fade. Nothing erases a smile like that inevitable big bad B word every blonde hates to hear—brassy. But there is a new solution: “Silver” hair care products, like the Silver Shampoo and Conditioner, from Sachajuan. This duo is formulated to combat dullness and keep blonde tresses looking good in any light, say Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind, the two stylists behind the line (and their Stockholm salon of the same name).

So what’s “silver shampoo,” exactly? Also referred to as “purple shampoo”—because the product itself is usually a bright shade of purple with a silvery shimmer—it’s designed specifically to keep blonde and highlighted hair healthy and healthy-looking. That is, there are pigments inside that neutralize yellow tones to reduce brassiness, while adding luster. Sachajuan took things a step further, added a companion conditioner, and built in UV-protectant for both. Mitic and Rosenlind suspect silver hair products to grow more and more popular as people catch on to the technology and benefits.

“They’re specialized for all blondes who want to achieve a cool result,” says Mitic, noting the combination is particularly effective for processed blondes. The reason it works is that the silvery and violet pigments within the formula, which are opposite the yellow spectrum in the color wheel, counteract those tones for a cooler look. “Using the product adds color to hair where natural color has been removed by highlights, bleach, or high-lift color. The formula we use is specifically made to keep artificially deposited pigments in the hair,” Mitic explains.

There are other benefits, too, says Mitic: “When the pigments are deposited, you’ll notice a slight boost in volume and enhancement of the hair structure.” All of Sachajuan’s products are also boosted with the brand’s proprietary Ocean Silk Technology, a combo of two different algae: chondrus chrispus and rhodophycea. One of them works within the hair structure to achieve more elasticity and the other one enhances surface shine, all without weighing hair down.

If you’re new to silver shampoo (and conditioner), Mitic suggests using them twice a week in the beginning (right after processing) and then working up to every other day as brassiness picks up. “But you can also use it daily, depending on how much counteraction you’d like,” he says. He also recommends incorporating a leave-in conditioner or hair repair treatment to enhance moisture and rebuild elasticity stripped by the chemicals that come with bleaching your hair. With all these tips, the only B word you’ll be hearing is “beautiful.”

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