Nail Art Superstar: Nikki Price of Attitude Nails


Just two years ago, Nikki Price was simply a fan of nail art who practiced on her own nails as she listened to her favorite hip-hop and R &B artists. Today she has thousands of admirers on Instagram (right now, 13.7K and counting @attitude_nails) and works as an always-in-demand artist at Reecey Roo’s, a new nail boutique in London’s Camberwell neighborhood.

Known especially for detailed portrait work, Nikki combined her love of music and nail art, creating miniature likenesses of everyone from Missy Elliott to Tupac for her clients. Nikki loves pushing boundaries and doesn’t shy from funky, complicated designs, but she appreciates a sophisticated and classic look as well. Even though she’s just beginning her career, we think Nikki will go a long way—her talent speaks for itself. Check out some of her greatest hits below, and be ready to be wow’ed.

All photos courtesy of @attitude_nails

1: After yet another rainy day in the U.K., Nikki did these bold, neon floral nails so she could pretend it was summer on her fingertips.

2: A friend once told Nikki that she had “nails with attitude.” That phrase became the inspiration for her nail art persona.

3: Music is a huge influence on Nikki’s work, as in these Snoop Dogg and Tupac nails, which were handpainted using regular nail polish.

4: These perfect houndstooth-print nails remind us of Dionne from Clueless!

5: Nikki is a huge fan of the bold black-and-white line work of the London-born visual artist Kesh, flawlessly translated onto this mani.

6: A glimpse at a page from Nikki’s colorful sketchbook. So inspiring!

7: The “nail menu” Nikki created for her booth at the Rivington Street Fest in London.

8: A design in support of brain cancer research, which you can read more about here.

9: For a NOI.SE magazine shoot, Nikki created a graphic chevron mani.  

10: Another mani for NOI.SE somehow manages to make bold 3-D embellishments look super sophisticated and chic.

11: An unexpected and beautiful combo: glitzy holographic silver and flat hot-pink shapes outlined in black.