The 6 Worst Makeup Mistakes with Jordan Liberty


Jordan Liberty is a long-time Beautylish community member with a terrific video channel and loads of great tips. We adore his 6 Worst Makeup Mistakes video—it’s as informative as it is fun.

Jordan explains that “I use “mistakes” loosely. I wanted to highlight a few common application errors that are made when trying to achieve a specific result. I don’t believe in calling people out or bullying, so instead of using photos of celebrities, I photographed the looks on one of the models on my YouTube channel, #GiveGoodFace.”

Liberty has learned a lot from working with clients. “Culturally, we have very different ideas of “beauty”. I watch clients struggle to hide their true skin color every day. I think everyone is beautiful in the skin color they were born in so I wanted to illustrate how unnatural it can look when someone uses the wrong shade of foundation, and offer some suggestions on how to achieve a more subtle result.”

He also covers a popular trend now, the nude lip, and shows the difference between the right and the wrong nude. “Take a selfie (in good lighting—daylight is best) and use a photo editor to make the photo black and white. If your lips look lighter than your face in the black and white selfie, your nude lipstick is probably way too pale.”

Check out 6:30 where he shows how to achieve the perfect nude for your skin tone.

His tips are not only for people applying their own makeup, they’re also meant for makeup artists, “The makeup chair should be thought of as a fitting room. When you see a clothing stylist, you want access to the latest fashion. As a makeup artist, my job is the same—to demonstrate the latest styles that work for my client. I have their best interest at heart, and that’s why trust is so important. When someone trusts your judgment, they’re more likely to put stock in your opinions.”

In just a few short minutes, Liberty walks us through 6 common mistakes. Get out your notepads, because class is in session!