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With all the amazing makeup tutorials out there, it's easy to choose a dramatic look for date night or prom. But what if you don't want to look like a Kardashian? For a pretty, youthful, yet still dressy natural makeup look, we love what 14 year-old True Grit actress (and Oscar nominee) Hailee Steinfeld (above) has been rocking on the red carpet. "I used to pile on the makeup when I was young, but if you want to really look your best, keep it clean and simple," suggests Hollywood makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who prepped Hailee for the Golden Globes. Keep reading for more teen makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles.


"I think most can get away with concealer and a little foundation but I feel like they WANT to wear full foundation cause it makes them feel grown up. If you do decide to wear foundation or powder, don't cake it on! You're young and have beautiful, line and wrinkle free skin--let people see it! Tools like the BeautyBlender really help you apply foundation with control, much more control than your fingers--just be sure to wash it after you use it so it doesn't get gunked up with makeup or collect bacteria. If you apply too much product you can just blend it away! I find this tool indispensable and use it every single day that I work."


"Here's a trick to make your makeup look more natural. A bit of highlighter can make heavy makeup look like pretty glowing skin in seconds. To add light--and life-- to your face with very little effort--and without piling on more makeup, use a little highlight on the bridge of your nose, right between your eyes, and on top of your cheekbones. You can use a liquid product, like Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer (one of my favorite products) or a powder highlighter like Shiseido Luminizing Color Powder. The key is to find a highlighter that has very subtle shimmer, nothing sparkly to shimmery. It needs to look like you're glowing, not like you're Ke$ha."


"As far as eye makeup goes, a little goes a long way. One product I can't live without, and it works on everyone, is a taupe eyeshadow (the darkness of the taupe varies with your skin tone. If you have a darker skin tone you can substitute taupe for a matte brown.). Taupe creates depth and definition without looking too makeup-y. I like to use a soft tapered brush and sweep the shadow along the lash line against the top and lower lashes, as well as a little in the crease of the eye socket--if your lids are more hooded, just skip this step. Then after you curl your lashes and apply mascara, our eyes will really pop, but still look really natural. At the Golden Globes [photo above], I used Chanel Ombre Essentielle in Slate and Chanel Ecriture de Chanel Automatic Eyeliner in Noir."


"For a natural look, I recommend a simple nude lip. At the Golden Globes, I used Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Mythic on Hailee [photo above]. But I also love a bold lip--I think it's cool and playful. The key is to keep the rest of your face minimally made up. If you have on full eye makeup, a bright cheek and a bright lip, you'll look a little 'paint by numbers'--that's NOT a good look. So stick with pretty skin, a bright lip, a dusting of color on your cheeks, curled lashes and mascara. A little liner (little being the key word here) is good too, but keep it light. I think nothing looks better than a bright lip and a bushy brow--it's so modern! With a bright lip, you must find a creamy formula that has no shimmer or frost or in it. It should be a true, solid bright. If it's even a little frosty, it can look dated and old fashioned, not the look you're going for! And don't worry if you think your lips are too small. I think bold lipstick looks terrific on girls with smaller lips. Just rock it and own it, that's the key to anything in life! If you wear it like you mean it and you feel fierce, no one can take that from you!" Stiles recommends bright lip colors from MAC, Illamasqua, Lancome, and Hourglass.

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