Project Glimmer in SF to Receive Beautylish’s 2023 Lucky Bag Donation


It’s the most wonderful time of the year a.k.a. Lucky Bag season!

Beautylish’s Get One, Give One Lucky Bag tradition involves a mystery gift overflowing with a surprise combo of makeup and skincare valued at over $150.

When you check out with the Get One, Give One Lucky Bag in your cart, we send you one Lucky Bag and we donate a second Lucky Bag to an organization that serves the San Francisco Bay Area community and beyond. Something as simple as a new tube of mascara or bottle of skincare can spark confidence and even a glimmer of hope for recipients.

This year, our 2023 Lucky Bags will be donated to Project Glimmer. This San Francisco-based national nonprofit is dedicated to uplifting teenage girls and women, while helping to end gender and racial inequality.

Since 2010, the organization has helped women across all 50 states through partnerships with 1,000+ organizations that offer foster care, crisis care, youth services, and more.

Led by founder Sonja Perkins, Project Glimmer builds self-confidence in adolescent girls with programming that helps them set career goals and envision an empowered future.

Programs include 1:1 career coaching, “Empower Hours” that provide special career access and presentations with diverse industry professionals, “Gifts + Goods” distribution which delivers essential items and meaningful gifts to thousands of women, and more.

“86 percent of the young women that we serve are women of color. We want the girls to see a relatable role model, and have it click, like, ‘Oh, if she can do that, I can do that, too. She looks like me, she was also from the foster care system,’” said Jenni Bingham, the Deputy Director of Project Glimmer. “These are the connections that we want to be making to help more girls go to college, get a degree, get that job.”

Bingham adds, “By the end of 2022, we will have reached our goal to serve over a million young women via our programming.”

To kick off 2023, Project Glimmer will distribute Beautylish’s Lucky Bag donations to young women throughout the nation as part of their Gifts + Goods distribution.

“When it comes to the gifts, it’s really about self confidence, and helping give girls that boost of esteem, like someone was thinking about them,” expressed Bingham. “When you look good, you feel good, that’s Beauty 101. Maybe it’s because you have an amazing new lipstick or some really great perfume.”

Bingham added, “We’ve heard girls say that they’re going to wear their new lipstick into the job interview, which is something that we love to hear too, because it kind of connects the dots.”

We’re excited that our Get One, Give One Lucky Bags will spread cheer through Project Glimmer.

For more information about Project Glimmer, visit their website. Keep the glimmer going by volunteering and/or becoming a partner. Navigate to their “How To Help” tab to learn more.

*Get One, Give One Lucky Bag is available only in the US only.

Lucky Bag illustrations by Emily Doliner