6 Looks to Create with Natasha Denona’s Star Palette


Natasha Denona’s Star Palette might be one of our favorite holiday releases this year, and it’s not hard to see why. With its mix of cool and warm shades and four gorgeous finishes (Metallic, Creamy Matte, Duo-Chrome, and new Crystal), this is an eye shadow palette that truly works for everyone—no matter your style or skin tone. It’s also incredibly easy to use, thanks to a unique design that allows you to create a complete eye look with each row. Of course, you can also mix and match the shades however you choose—the possibilities are almost endless. To get the inspiration flowing, we asked Natasha to share some of her favorite looks to create with the Star Palette. See her picks and learn how to recreate them below.

Getting Started

To start, Natasha smoothed a thin layer of Lifting Primer Anti-Aging Serum over her model’s skin. She then applied Face Glow Foundation in 20 - Light Beige with #22 Large Foundation Brush, buffing in circles until the coverage looked even and seamlessly blended. She tapped a small amount of Eye Light Highlighting Concealer in Shade 2 under the eyes to conceal any darkness, and then applied Eye Shadow Base in 01 Light to the lids.

Look One: Crystal Smoky Eye

To create this crystal-tinged smoky eye, Natasha used only three shades. She blended Earth 102 CM, a dark chocolate brown, from the center of the lid to the outer V of the eye. She added Supernova 114 DC, a silvery duochrome, to the center of the lid and Polaris 116 K, a white gold with a crystal finish, in the inner corner. We’ll be wearing this easy, eye-catching look to all our holiday parties this season.

Look Two: Fierce Flame

This striking, editorial-inspired eye looks like it came straight off of the runway. Natasha applied Electra 115 CM over the entire lid, blending up into the brows, out towards the hairline, and into the lower lashline. She then added Rhea 118 M, a metallic peach gold, to the center of the lid for a halo effect before smudging it into the inner corner of the eye and the center of the lower lashline. She blended Phoenix 113 CM, a matte brick red, into the crease and used Vega 111 CM, a matte tea rose, as her transition shade.

Look Three: Oil Slick

To create this iridescent, multidimensional look, Natasha first lined the waterline with Eye Liner Pencil in E09 - Brown. She then dusted Orion 105 DC, a bluish brown duochrome, over the lid. She defined the crease with Gemma 106 CM and used Flesh 104 CM, a matte peach, to blend up to the brow bone. She added Bellatrix 103 M, a metallic rose gold, to the inner corner and a combination of Bellatrix and Flesh along the lower lash line.

Look Four: Mixed Metals

Natasha designed this jewel-inspired look by blending Orion 105 DC from the crease to the inner and outer corners, extending along the socket and out towards the tip of the brow. She then patted Spectrum 101 K, a rich antique gold, onto the center of the lid with her fingertip. She used Cosmo 109 K, a vintage brass shade, along the lower lashline.

Look Five: Golden Goddess

To define the crease and outer corner of the eye, Natasha swept Titania 108 CM along the socket and out towards the hairline. She used Flesh 104 CM as a transition shade, blending it along the edges of Titania. She then applied Atria 107 M, a metallic copper orange, to the center of the lid and Bellatrix 103 M as an inner corner highlight. She defined the lower lashline with Bellatrix (on the inner half) and Titania (on the outer half).

Look Six: Ice Queen

For this icy, shimmery look, Natasha defined the crease and lower lashline with Diadem 110 CM, a soft taupe. She patted Galaxia 112 K, a frosty white with a crystal finish, onto the lid and into the inner corner. She used Eye Liner Pencil in E00 - White along the waterline for a bright, eye-opening effect.

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