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Airplane Essentials: Hydrating Skin in the Air


The jet-setting lifestyle may seem glamorous from down below, but high altitude and dry cabin pressure can wreak havoc on your skin. Learn how to keep your skin hydrated, moisturized, and healthy in flight with these easy tips.

MIST AND TONE. Keep skin hydrated with a toner on hand—Evian Mineral Water Spray is the perfect travel size mineral mist. For a less expensive alternative, you can put any mineral water that you like in a spray bottle (usually at Target or the Dollar Store, a great option because they're refillable too!). For aromatherapy effects, add a drop of rose, lavender, or any essential oil.

SNACK HEALTHY. Avoid salty foods, caffeine, and alcohol! These cause puffing, swelling, and dehydrate your skin like crazy! Just don't do it—drink lots of water instead.

SOOTHE CHAPPED LIPS. Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your face. Korres Lip Butter, a tinted balm, will perk up your face while quench your lip thirst! For an less expensive alternative, Burts Bees also makes a great balm formula.

TINT AND HYDRATE. For hydration and coverage, try a two-in-one product, like Bobbi Brown's Tinted Moisturizing Balm. The apothecary style bottle is charming, plus the added SPF is important when flying closer to UV rays.

MULTITASK. Keep an all-purpose moisturizer for hands, elbows, and any other part of your skin. We love Unpetroleum Jelly for a natural alternative to Vaseline.

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