3 Cure-All Winter Baths


Not a bath person? Here’s a hot tip—try thinking of a bath as medicinal rather than just hygenic. A hot water soak may not get you squeaky clean the way a shower does, but when it comes to winter woes, the steamy water is sure to cure what ails you. Ward off the weather chill with these 3 targeted soaks:

Bye Bye Dry

The only thing worse than a wind chill is the dry flakey skin that pops up the following day. If you’ve got a bad case of the winter itch, try this. In a warm bath (scalding hot water can dry out skin more) mix 2 cups colloidal oatmeal and 1 cup baking soda. The baking soda will stop the itch due to it’s anti inflammatory properties while skin soaks in moisture from the oatmeal. The fine milled oats will cling to skin as you exit the bath, so towel off well or do a quick warm shower rinse to loosen stray granules.

Muscle Relaxer

Cold temperatures can leave us feeling stiff and achy, especially in our legs and arms. Draw a hot bath over 3 chamomile tea bags and 2 cups epsom salts. Chamomile is calming and will loosen you up while epsom salt relieves stiff limbs by increasing serotonin-boosting magnesium in the body when it is absorbed into the skin. Hot water will relax tight muscles, making pain from your busy day melt away. For a bit of hot water yoga, try stretching sore legs during your soak—that will keep you feeling looser longer.

Wintery Blues

Cold weather can cause depression in those of us waiting patiently for warmer temperatures. If this describes you, here’s an idea. Mix 3 drops cedarwood oil and 3 drops grapefruit essential oil with ¼ cup olive oil and pour into a pre-drawn bath. These fragrances are known to help lift spirits and relieve seasonal depression. Mixing them first in a carrier oil like olive oil will dilute the ingredients—necessary for those with sensitive skin. Adding oil after the bath water stops running with help keep it from evaporating against piping hot temperatures. Need an extra boost? Down a few glasses of water and a vitamin D tablet—something you may be in need of after days without the sun’s rays.