Sneak Peek: Nudestix Has 4 New Skin-Perfecting Pencils!


Here at Beautylish, we’re all already obsessed with Nudestix, a line of barely-there, your-skin-but-better pencils and pens that can be applied with a swipe of product and a smudge of the finger. But hold onto your Lip & Cheek pencils—there are four new pencils designed to be used to help your skin and makeup look even more perfect and glowy. I snatched them out of their adorable matte black tins (there’s a mirror in the lid and each pencil includes a heavy-duty sharpener!) and took each Skin Pencil for a spin.

Moisture Skin Pencil, $24 | Shop it

Wait until my dry spots meet up with this awesome chubby pencil. Argan oil, jojoba oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter are all in this sheer, instant moisture stick, which you can simply dot on dry areas on your face and body and rub in. The product mimics healthy, nicely moisturized skin, and your dry patches feel instantly more like the rest of your skin. Put this on your cuticles, flaky rough patches on your face, peeling nose skin, or anywhere that just feels tight and wrong. This one’s going in my purse.

Matte + Blemish Skin Pencil, $24 | Shop it

This pencil does something I did not believe a pencil could do. You just swipe this sheer pencil on any oily area, like your chin or nose, rub it in with a finger, and it sucks the oil away and makes your skin look matte. Amazonian clay is the thing that’s sucking the oil, and salicylic acid helps with any inflammation and works to fight breakouts. You use this on bare skin, on zits, things that are about to become zits, and shiny T-zones.

Blur Skin Pencil, $24 | Shop it

Fine lines? Pores and creases making themselves too comfortable? You need this pencil, easily my favorite of the skin pencils. It does exactly what it says it’s going to do—you swipe this over crows’ feet, enlarged pores, frown lines, and nasal folds, smudge it in, and IT BLURS. Like a fuzzy Insta filter on your face. Really what’s happening is that dehydrated hyaluronic acid spheres are swelling up and “plumping” your lines n’ pores, making your skin look smoother, but blah blah blah science this pencil is amazing and you can see a difference immediately.

Clean-Up Pencil, $24 | Shop it

It is weird to sharpen a makeup remover, but I can deal, especially when I’m dealing with this nifty pencil that erases my (constant and grievous) makeup mistakes. Shaky cat-eye? Overlined lips? Gone, with one swipe of the Clean-Up Pencil. You use this like a little magic eraser for your skin, sweeping it over mascara blobs eyeliner mishaps, and overzealously-stained lips, rub it in with your finger, and then wipe off the mistake with a tissue or cotton bud. It vanishes! Without drying you out or making you start over! And since I get gobs of mascara under my eyes every day of my life, I can see a new, close relationship about to form between me and my Clean-Up Pencil. 

We’re having a Nudestix Contest!

Nudestix Skin Pencils will be available for purchase on Beautylish March 2nd! To celebrate the launch Beautylish is giving away a complete set to 3 lucky winners! To enter the contest, simply log in to Beautylish and leave a comment below with a time or experience when having a Nudestix Skin Pencil could have saved the day! Beautylish will pick our favorite answers. You must be 18 years old or older to enter. Contest ends on February 26, 2015 at 11:59 pm PST. For official rules, click here. Void where prohibited by law.

The contest has now ended. Congratulations to Karlynn A., Melissa G., and K M.!

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Feb 13, 2019

Vishal T.

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Jul 10, 2015

Shell W.

My eyes water so much! I've tried so many different products! This clean up stick sounds WONDERFUL!! It would go everywhere with me! Helping when my make up smears from my watery eyes!!

Mar 10, 2015

Lindsay J.

I think I'm in love with the idea of the clean up pencil, oh & blurring & matte-ifying sounds pretty perfect too! This is a must win contest.

Mar 03, 2015

Jenny A.

I'm intrigued by the look of these. I have a couple of nudestix products and I like the format, but I wish the quality of the makeup were a smidge better for the price.

Feb 27, 2015

Saileen m.

I really don't need to go get groceries today... I can check the mail tomorrow... Maybe I can cancel that appointment I have... These are some exact thoughts I have had, and I know I am not alone thinking these excuses. When your face is more disaster than non irritated skin, the excuses flow. I am a strong woman, but I cried when my five year old nephew innocently mentioned all the spots on my face. Nothing can bring my self esteem to it's knees quicker than a full face outbreak of cystic acne. A face is the first thing people recognize each other by; it is what we look at when we talk to each other, and how we speak when words fail us. Despite the excuses I think of during an outbreak, I still go out into the world. I am who I am, accept me or not. I am still beautiful. Nudestix Matte + Blemish skin pencil could have let my nephew see my face and that beauty, not the spots.

Feb 27, 2015

Cheez H.

I am obsessed with products for my purse, so these will all be going in my purse, as these are the most promising-looking products - and pretty compact, too!

Feb 26, 2015

Madison W.

Where have these been all my life?! One time, I was at a party with friends, and I met a really cute guy. REALLY cute. He and I shared a couple glances here and there, and inside I was practically drooling over him. We talked and laughed, but something seemed a bit off, like he was distracted. He wasn't really looking at my eyes. When I left later that night, I looked in the mirror that hung on the wall as I was about to leave the house, and saw that I had MAJOR raccoon eyes. I was so embarrassed! I had been flirting with this hot man for who knows how long with those God-awful raccoon eyes staring back at him. Needless to say he never called.

Feb 26, 2015

K M.

The Nudestix Matte +Blemish Skin Pencil could take up a special place in my life helping combat some of my greatest acne antagonists:

The Cyclops: As its name implies, this beauty lies in that lovely space between your eyes, forming a third eye which has absolutely nothing to do with enlightenment or higher states of consciousness(unless we are talking about self-consciousness) and everything to do with some big old Odyssey-style ugly.

The Zombie Zit: This is the zit that never goes away no matter how many stakes or silver bullets you throw at it. You first notice this zit, think it’s like any other, and leave it or pop it as your inclination leads you. However, to your surprise and chagrin, the old bump dies only to spring to life again in an unholy reincarnation. Soaps, creams, and even injections appear to have no power to stop its evil. This cycle of death and rebirth may repeat itself several times before the Zombie is finally satiated and dies. Or does it?

Oppozits: This type of pimple proves once and for all—despite all the artistic and scientific proof to the contrary—that symmetry is not necessarily a thing of beauty. The really irritating thing about this particular blemish is that it completely ruins the nice trick that many of us acne sufferers employ: sitting or placing ourselves so that the side of our face with the ugly blemish is out of sight. With the oppozit, there is no good side for that close-up.

Please Nudestix, save me from these formidable foes!

Mar 11, 2015

Saileen m.

Congrats! And well won. Cyclops and zombie zit are also my formidable foes.

Feb 26, 2015

Brandi M.

As much as all of us here on Beautylish adore using cosmetics, it can be super time consuming and tedious, and there are times we just don't have the time to devote to perfecting our look. That's where Nudestix comes in! Stray mascara streaks, uneven eyeliner, overdone lips or eyebrows? The Clean-Up Pencil would make taking care of all that a cinch; quick and easy. We don't always have the time to put on a full face of concealer and foundation, so the blur pencil would come in handy too. Now you've got a clear, smooth looking face and crisp eyes, lips and brows all thanks to two little pencils. Amazing! What would normally take an embarrassingly long amount of time can now only take minutes. I'm sold! Now we've just have to wait for these to be sold too, haha.

Feb 26, 2015

Katelyn L.

The Nudestix seem to be what I have been looking for all winter!

Between the dry air inside (hello, Moisture Skin Pencil!), My oily T-Zone (looking at you, Matte + Blemish Skin Pencil) and my attempts at 5:00am Cat eyeliner (umm! Clean-Up Pencil YES) I can see the Nudestix being with me everywhere, kind of like on a bandoleer of secret fixes.


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