Refillable Beauty To Reduce Waste and Save Money

It should come as no surprise that the beauty industry isn’t the most environmentally friendly. After all, single-use products continue to clog up landfills. If your impact on the environment has been weighing heavily on you, let me introduce you to refillable beauty products. I’m happy to inform you that more and more brands are launching products that give you the option to extend the lives of containers you’re already using. We’ve been asking for ways to reduce waste for years, and our favorite beauty brands are finally listening (!)

If you’re new to the world of refillable beauty, the process is pretty simple. Instead of tossing the packaging after using up your product, you can give it a new life by simply refilling it with the same magical formula. The original packaging is your keep-forever container, and the refill comes to your doorstep in less wasteful packaging. Of course, the refill will likely end up in the recycling bin eventually, so this isn’t a completely zero waste solution, but it’s one step closer to a more sustainable lifestyle. Here are 3 benefits refillable products have to offer.

Less plastic

You can extend the use of each jar or tube by refilling it when you run out. As someone who recycles whenever possible, there’s an added sense of ease knowing excess plastic ( & pollution) was never produced to begin with. Not only are fewer resources used, you’re also helping conserve the energy that would be used to manufacture a new container.

More $$ in your wallet

An added and less considered benefit of refillable packaging is that it’ll be lighter on your budget. That’s right, refillable products are usually cheaper than the originally-packaged product. Since the brand doesn’t have to pay for fancy packaging, they pay less and pass the savings onto the consumers, too.

Unaffected beauty routine

This may be my favorite perk refillable beauty has to offer: you don’t have to change a thing! We can all decrease our carbon footprints and reduce waste without having to forego any part of our beauty routines. You don’t have to shop less or skip a crucial step in your thoughtfully curated routine. Win-win.

If you’re ready to delve into the world of refillable beauty, here are some of our favorite brands leading the way in skincare and makeup.

Beautylish recommends Kjaer Weis, Charlotte Tilbury, and Hourglass

Illustration by Christina Fung