5 Hindash-Approved Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Kit 


When a world-renowned, professional painter-turned-makeup artist shares his favorite brushes, you don’t just listen—you take notes. “I’m a huge believer in using the right tools to get the finish and outcome you want,” says celebrity makeup artist and Hindash Cosmetics founder Mohammed Hindash. “As an artist and a painter, brushes have been a necessity in what I do.”

Ahead, Hindash shares the makeup brushes he always keeps stocked in his kit.

Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 9: Detail Point Shader

“The Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 9: Detail Point Shader is a precision-blending multitasker for me. I love smoking out liners along the lashline, creating winged-out shadow looks, blending into the crease, and using it on the lower lashline—as well as highlighting the inner corners of the eye and browbone. It’s fluffy and dense when you blend using the sides and super precise when you use the tip. Love!”

Wayne Goss The Goss Edit Collection

“The Wayne Goss Edit Collection gives me everything I need to create a full face, honestly. I have used his brushes since he launched them (and pretty much constantly in every look I’ve done since), and they have held their shape and quality. These are brushes that are made to last, and I rely on them for beautifully blended looks that are always seamless. I just know that whatever brush I’m getting, this brush is going straight in my kit. Truly perfect.”

Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 27: Mini Radiance

“This is a brush that, whenever it appears on my YouTube channel, Instagram, or TikTok, the only comments I see are, ‘What’s the foundation brush!?’ It’s dense, fluffy, doesn’t soak up product, and blends and buffs creams and liquids into perfection. I have three of these as backup and rotate them. It truly does give skin an airbrushed look.”

Rae Morris Jishaku Brush 9.1: Pencil Point Shader

“This is a brush I discovered in the Rae Morris Personal Set, which is a flawless choice if you need to get a full personal brush set that will last you forever. This brush is so precise that I’m able to create sharp, cat-eye flicks with my powders, which is usually hard. A pointy brush is an essential in my kit, and this has become a new favorite.”

MYKITCO. My Signature Synthetics Brush Collection

“These synthetic brushes are so well-executed and have such high performance that I can use them across creams, liquids, and powders. They remain in my kit (like most of MYKITCO.’s brushes do!), and every brush is tapered and designed to perfection. I love brushes that can multitask between creams and powders, and these are the ones. Flawless!”