6 Beauty Products That Belong in the Refrigerator 


You know how storing food in a refrigerator keeps items fresh, extends expiration dates, and makes everything taste better? Well, the same goes for skincare (minus the eating part). Scoot over last night’s takeout, it’s time to make room for your beauty.

Whether you’re on the fence about storing your facial treatments near the veggies (you can always buy a mini-fridge) or completely on board with chilling your products (yay!), here’s why refrigeration is beneficial for your daily routine.

First, it feels so. much. better.

Applying chilled products to skin, especially when pain or irritation is involved, adds that extra oomph of soothing. Aside from the instant relief and invigoration, colder skincare is known for boosting circulation, minimizing puffiness, and tightening pores.

Refrigeration also helps extend the life of your stash, slowing down skincare oxidation. Every time you open a product, air exposure alters ingredients and diminishes potency. Luckily, your refrigerator can help combat this to increase shelf life.

Below are fridge-friendly products that we love to keep cold. Give them a quick freeze or make the refrigerator their permanent home for longer lasting skincare with energizing results.

Gel Eye Products

If you refrigerate just one thing from this list, make sure it’s an eye product. The best sensation is applying cold eye cream every morning to refresh tired peepers, then cooling down with chilled eye patches after a long day’s work. Go for gel eye patches and gel eye creams for a burst of cooling hydration.

Facial Rollers

Cold facial rollers really get the blood circulating, which helps energize skin and minimize puffiness. Chilled rollers also help to ease muscle tension and soothe migraines. Ice rollers, rose quartz rollers, and stainless steel rollers are great for getting that cooling sensation that kind of feels like an ice cube without the messy drip.

Acne Spot Treatments

Pimple pain? It’s no secret that active acne seriously hurts, but you can quell the pain by storing your treatments in the fridge. I like to keep my acne mask in the refrigerator and dot on for cooling reprieve on the spot.

Anti-itch Lotions

Resist the urge to scratch by applying an anti-itch balm that quenches dry skin while alleviating irritation. Be sure to put formulas in the refrigerator before massaging into skin for a cool burst of relief upon contact.

Facial Mists

Whether you’re using a facial mist for a midday pick-me-up or to cool off after a workout—I can guarantee that sprays feel better when cold. Go for mists formulated with sea kelp to perk up with a burst of nutrients that deeply hydrate and revive skin.


With summer upon us, make sure to keep your sunscreen in the fridge for potent protection throughout the season. And if you do get a little burned, cold sunscreen provides the perfect relief when you need to reapply.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla