Remembering Benefit Cosmetics Co-Founder Jean Ford


Benefit Cosmetics recently announced that its co-founder Jean Ford has passed away at the age of 71. Known as a creative visionary and a tireless entrepreneur, Jean partnered with her twin sister Jane to open a tiny makeup shop in San Francisco’s Mission District in 1976. Fast-forward to today, and Benefit Cosmetics is a global beauty empire with some of the most instantly recognizable products on the market (Benetint, anyone?). Jean was known for her wacky sense of humor and ability to inject joy and laughter into anything—which you can see in Glamouriety , the full-length documentary that the twins released shortly before they retired. Glamouriety is basically an hour-long variety show that tells the story of Jean and Jane’s rise to beauty industry royalty from their humble beginnings on an Indiana farm. To celebrate Jean’s immeasurable impact on the beauty industry (and our makeup bags), we uncovered a copy of Glamouriety to share with you.