Fashion's Night Out 2011


Fashion's Night Out is a bustle of beautiful Fashionistas (it's mandatory to dress up and celebrate fashion!), lots of fun, and tons of giveways and celebrity sightings! Here's what Beautylish was up to.

5:15pm, Ning Chao: Head downstairs to the Beauty Level of Bergdorf Goodman. Oscar de la Renta is supposed to come by at 5:30pm to autograph his limited edition palette for Le Métier de Beauté. There are only 100 palettes available, and I don't want to miss out. He's nowhere in sight, so I buy a Fashion's Night Out tee so I can get a September issue of Vogue autographed by editor in chief Anna Wintour while I wait for Mr. de la Renta. Also buy two Le Métier palettes. One's going into my personal makeup archive. The other one will be given away on Beautylish!

5:49pm, Ning Chao: Wait in line for Anna's autograph—she makes small talk as she personalizes my issue. The line moves surprisingly fast. After just 10 minutes, I'm already at the front of the line!

6pm, Ning Chao: Still no sign of Oscar de la Renta...

6:10pm, Ning Chao:  Mr. de la Renta arrives with a crew of bodyguards. Anna comes by with her daughter Bee and Condé Nast's S.I. Newhouse to say hello. Then the chaos starts as Oscar de la Renta starts autographing palettes and taking photos. "So much elegance embodied in one man," sighs the woman behind me in line.

6:45pm, Ning Chao: With my two precious palettes tucked safely away, I head upstairs to check out the other floors. I try on a dove gray knit rabbit fur vest from Theory on 5F. The price tag's over $1000—yikes! I check the label: "Made in China." Back on the rack it goes.

7:00pm, Ning Chao:  Check out Michael Kors' interview in the Bergdorfs window. But really love the two French maids hanging up the doll's clothes in another window.

7:22pm, Ning Chao:  Visit Linda Rodin at Barneys New York and snag her limited edition photos by Lesley Schiff. Also convince my friend Winnie that Olio Lusso will change her life. We both stock up on face and body oils. On my way out of Barneys, catch Carine Roitfeld checking out her window displays for the department store around the corner.

7:30pm, Tara Lamont-Djite: The Meatpacking Disctrict is like a festival! I stop at the Maybelline tent for a makeup touch up and score a free Great Lash Mascara!

7:50pm, Tara Lamont-Djite: Votre Vu has set up their Volin Vu truck, complete with can can dancers and a photo booth to get your photo taken. There are heaps of lights, lots of dancing and everyone is super jovial!

8:09pm, Ning Chao: Refuel on palm heart salad and pasta at Serafina's on 60th street.

8:30pm, Tara Lamont-Djite: I head to Ted Gibson's salon on 23rd street, Ashley Greene is arriving with Ted himself!

8:45pm, Tara Lamont-Djite: Ashley arrives with Ted and looks absolutely stunning, as usual! She's wearing stunning eye makeup from mark. and her makeup artist tells me that Ashley can't live without black eyeliner. We stop Ashley for a quick chat. "I think every girl should embrace what she has," says Ashley. "Playing up your features always brings out the best in you!"

9pm, Tara Lamont-Djite: After chatting with Ashley I decide it's time for a drink! One Moët Chandon coming up please!

9:13pm, Ning Chao: Rockport's candy shoe outside of Bloomingdale's—so random.

9:45pm, Ning Chao: Karaoke at Kiehl's! Hang out with Vogue's Beauty Director, Sarah Brown (my first boss in the beauty biz). She makes fun of me for asking Anna for her autograph, since I used to work for her, but admits that she would like her own personalized September issue—ha! 500 hotdogs, 600 pretzel, and a ton of popcorn and cotton candy are consumed during Karaoke Karnival (and the cowboy from the Village People makes an appearance!). After Alan Cummings sings "Tomorrow" from "Annie," I'm ready to call it a night.

11:26pm, Ning Chao: Back at home, the spoils of victory: A personalized September issue of Vogue, Oscar de la Renta's signed Le Métier de Beauté palette, Rodin Olio Lusso photos from Lesley Schiff.

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