Celebrate National Haiku Day with Beauty Haikus


We here at Beautylish love a good holiday, especially the ones that are obviously made up by someone with a lot of time on their hands (National Axe Throwing Day? It’s a thing). So this year, we decided to celebrate National Haiku Poetry Day by asking our fellow teammates to try out their hand at writing haikus (beauty-related, of course). For the uninitiated, a haiku is a type of Japanese poem that consists of three lines with five, seven, and five syllables. Keep reading to see what we came up with.

Cleansing soapy suds
Warm splash awakens spirit

Embrace daylight now

–Katie S., Graphic Designer, Santa Cruz

Inside and outside
We all have it in our hearts

Beauty is in us

–Aldrie C., Inventory Associate, South San Francisco

I crave a highlight
So bright it’s seen from space, so

Aliens find me

–Heather C., Product Development Coordinator, San Francisco

Sunshine way up high
Shadow across a smokey eye

Above the early sky

–Desiree T., HR Team, San Francisco

Perfect beachy waves;
morning commute in the rain;
now a frizzy mess.

–Rori G., HR Manager, San Francisco

A touch of bronzer
to glow in the filtered light

of golden hour.

–Jennifer H., Merchandise Coordinator, San Francisco

Shimmers in the sun
dip my brush into a pan
cheekbones could cut glass

–Kendra A., Local Marketing Lead, Philadelphia

Cannot have enough
Must buy all the colors, please
Take all my money

–Aldrie C., Inventory Associate, South San Francisco

Setting spray is bae
Makes foundation stay all day

Spritz, spritz and you’ll slay

–Victoria V., Writer, San Francisco

Outer beauty’s cool
But what reflects on your heart
Makes you beautiful

–Shiloh T., Fulfillment Associate, South San Francisco

Wings so sharp and bold
Flying high with confidence

Eyeliner...not bird

–Desirey A., Creative Production Associate, San Francisco

What color lipstick?
Try one; blot. Try one; blot. Argh!

Never mind: lip balm.

–Rori G., HR Manager, San Francisco

Illustrations by Megan Badilla