The Beautylish Team’s New Year’s Resolutions


No matter how you feel about resolutions, January 1st is a popular time to kick off better habits and personal growth. When the new year rolls around, we start to think about ways to improve ourselves and reach our goals, whether it’s spending less time on Instagram or learning a new language. In the spirit of turning over a new leaf, we asked the Beautylish team to share their biggest beauty resolutions for 2019. Read on to see how we’re shaking things up in the new year.

“My beauty resolution for 2019 is to use better quality products, especially during the colder winter months. I am turning 40 next year and in using better quality products, I have noticed a big difference in the moisture level and suppleness of my skin. I am replacing a lot of my drugstore purchases and investing in some great products that really make a difference.” — Desiree T., HR & Recruiting in San Francisco

“Less is more! To continue to cut back on my daily makeup routine so I can get some more shut-eye and lay off the BECCA Under Eye Corrector.” — Brie D., Beauty Advisor in Philadelphia

“For 2019, I would love to be able to have healthy, beautiful, clear skin. I have very fidgety combination skin with some hyperpigmentation and would just love to clear that up and put my best face forward.” — Monica O., Beauty Advisor in San Francisco

“Use more ashwagandha and rhodiola! I’ve been using Moon Juice’s Brain Dust with rhodiola root and ashwagandha root and I have been loving the results! I feel more sharp and focused throughout the day and I can happily thank these two key ingredients for my stress levels decreasing with time. I also look forward to incorporating Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust into my daily dose of self-care because the goji berry and pearl are said to work absolute wonders for the skin!” — Alexis S. C., Beauty Advisor in San Francisco

“I would like to multi-mask more frequently this year. I look forward to trying MAHALO Skin Care’s The BEAN Antioxidant Mask to draw out impurities and following that up with The PETAL Hydrating Mask to hydrate the skin afterwards. I hear that these two masks are very effective and I’m looking to trying them now that we carry this amazing brand! I aim to do this once a week to improve the clarity and texture of the skin.” — Lixia L., Customer Experience in San Francisco

“Proper hydration can clear skin, moisturize, detoxify the body, and boost brain function—so it’s safe to say water is pretty powerful. This year, I’m making it my mission to drink 8 glasses a day. My bkr water bottle holds 4 cups, so as long as I fill it up twice a day, I can easily reach my goal!” — Victoria V., Copywriter in San Francisco

“Keep my makeup routine under 5 minutes for work and invest in treatments!” — Amy M. Y., Merchandising Associate in San Francisco

“My goal is to be more confident on my no-makeup days, and that starts with better skin! My 2019 beauty resolution is to take skincare more seriously. Aside from my basic regimen, I really want to start using May Lindstrom’s Honey Mud daily to restore hydration in my skin, and Farmacy’s Honeymoon Glow Serum 2-3 times a week to improve the texture and overall appearance to my skin.” — Jacleen I., Beauty Advisor in San Francisco

“Being 57 years old and never really having a skincare regimen, I want to get more into my skincare.” — Theresa P., Beauty Advisor in San Francisco

“My goal is to be more thoughtful about my beauty and makeup purchases. I’d rather invest in a really good lip color that I’ve been dreaming of than cheap impulse buys at the drugstore. I’m also trying to make my routine less wasteful with little tweaks like using cleansing cloths instead of cotton pads and buying skincare in glass bottles that I can reuse.” — Kathryn F. S., Copywriter in New York City

“My beauty resolution for 2019 is more self-love. In a world where we are constantly self-conscious and comparing ourselves to others, self-love is important. It’s okay to love yourself! I hope to love myself more this upcoming year, and be my best self and live my best life both inside and out!” — Shiloh T., Fulfillment Associate in San Francisco

Illustrations by Megan Badilla