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4 St. Patrick’s Day-Inspired Makeup and Nail Looks

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and that means hordes of celebrators will hit the stores to pick up all things green. Before you rush over to Forever 21 to search for that bright emerald sweater you’ll never wear again, check out these easy, two-step St. Patrick’s Day-inspired makeup and nail looks that incorporate green into your routine. Now you can avoid any and all pinching this holiday.

Nail the Green Statement

Products needed: Bright green nail polish & Green glitter polish

St. Patrick’s Day typically involves wearing green everything, so make sure you’re decked out from hand-to-toe!

  1. Paint each finger and toenail with a vibrant green color—the brighter the better.

  2. Follow with polish infused with glitter or confetti-like pieces in metallic green shades to accent certain nails, or go all out by coating each nail in festive sparkle.

Pout of Gold

Products needed: Dark green lipstick & Bright gold lip topper

This St. Paddy’s Day lip look involves a green and gold ombre effect that resembles a pot of gold. Mix a matte green shade and a gold shimmering topper for treasure-inspired lips.

  1. Apply a dark ivy green color all over your lips and let dry.

  2. Pat on a golden glitter lip topper formula to the center of your pout for a smile that’s good as gold found at the end of the rainbow.

See the Rainbow

Products needed: Neon green eyeshadow & Rainbow individual false lashes

Rainbows symbolize wealth and fortune in Irish history—and of course good luck, if you spot one. The best way for people to see a rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day? Create one on your eye.

  1. Using an angled brush, softly line your eyes with a neon green eyeshadow. Apply the shade on your upper lash line and wing outward. Smudge onto your lower lash line.

  2. Then, add multi-colored individual lashes to your natural strands for instant rainbow eyes.

Sham-rockin’ Glitter Accents

Products needed: Loose glitter in green shades & Glitter adhesive

Add green glitter to your eyes, brows, hair—basically everywhere and I guarantee you won’t be pinched. Using a precision applicator and glitter adhesive, create fun shapes, like hearts, stars, or even shamrocks, if you’re feeling super artistic.

  1. Dip a detail brush into a water-resistant glitter base and add to your features or draw desired designs.

  2. Add green glitter and you’re good to go celebrate the luckiest day of the year!