Meet the Artist Behind Oribe’s Stunning Holiday Packaging 


Have you ever purchased a product just for its packaging? No judgement—we’re guilty, too. If you answered yes, then you need to see Oribe’s holiday collection. The hair care brand partnered with award-winning calligraphy artist Aoi Yamaguchi to create packaging so pretty, you won’t want to open it.  

Using sumi ink on gasen-shi paper, Aoi reinterpreted the Japanese kanji character Sou/Omo-u with a nijimi (blurred) effect that combines traditional calligraphy with a modern look and feel. The hand-painted symbol is meant to embody a mindfulness and deep gratitude for your loved ones, a perfect sentiment for this time of the year.

Oribe/Aoi Yamaguchi

Watch the video above to learn more about Aoi Yamaguchi and the inspiration behind her design, and be sure to shop the Oribe holiday collection for gifts so beautiful you won’t have to wrap them.

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