DIY Birthday Box for Beauty-Loving Aries


Aries season has officially arrived! As an independent, confident, and courageous leader, your Aries friend inspires you to release your inhibitions and fiercely follow your dreams. From liberating eye shadow shades to unapologetic lip color, get ready to shower your ram friends with gifts that reflect their fearlessness and striking personality.

I’ve rounded up five Aries-friendly gifts that embody the main characteristics of this magnetic fire sign. Place all five within a cute package for a fun birthday unwrapping!

Lit Cosmetics Glitter Pigment in Firecracker, $16

Along with Sagittarius and Leo, Aries belongs to a group of spontaneous and spirited fire signs. Ariens are best known for their fiery magnetism and, when provoked, explosive temper—but that’s only because they’re intensely passionate. Feisty, fearless, and powerful, Aries have firecracker personalities, so give them a dynamite gift that fuels their red-hot charisma. This loose glitter in the shade Firecracker was basically made for the ram. They’ll love creating striking statement looks in a sparkly color that makes them stand out—not that they need any help with that.

Viseart Libertine Palette, $49

One thing you should know about the first sign of the zodiac: Aries can’t be tamed. If you have an Arien in your life (or are one yourself) you’re likely familiar with their independent and unapologetic nature. Typically, the risk-taking ram uninhibitedly jumps into any challenge, defeats it and becomes the hero. So, it’s only fitting that you give Aries a collection of bold eyeshadows that match their unbridled charm. The Viseart Libertine Palette features nine striking matte and metallic colors with daring shade names like Unleashed and Boundless, so this fire sign can conquer the world one brush stroke at a time.

Tom Ford Fucking Fabulous Lip Color, $60

It’s no secret that Aries loves to make a statement—don’t expect this brazen fire sign to sugarcoat anything. Outspoken Ariens proudly state their honest opinion with zero bleeps given, and we appreciate their authenticity. Everything from the title of this lipstick to its bright red color perfectly compliments the ram’s refreshingly blunt nature, making it the perfect gift for your gutsy friend.

R+Co Neon Lights Dry Oil Spray, $29

Spotlight-seeking Aries love to get rowdy and have fun. However, underneath this fire sign’s brashness and extroverted nature lies a soft, sensitive side. Aries signs are thoughtful and generous—they will always care for and protect their ride-or-die friends. Give this attention-loving and loyal sign a gift that encompasses these main personality traits. Infused with olive oil and marula seed oil, Neon Lights Dry Oil Spray infuses hair with head-turning shine while softening and shielding strands from harmful free radicals.

Benefit Cosmetics BADgal BANG! Volumizing Mascara, $25

Aries is a cardinal sign, known for being an ambitious and daring leader. They push boundaries to make an immense impact and positive difference in people’s lives— kind of like what BADgal BANG! does for our lashes. This gravity-defying mascara delivers intense, pitch-black color and 360° volume that transforms strands with smudge-proof thickness. Delivering 36-hour long wear, your ram friends can rest assured that their look stays strong as they confidently lead the pack.

Illustrations by Megan Badilla