Meet The Artists Behind Oribe’s 2019 Packaging: Block Shop Textiles

Imagine packaging so beautiful that you don’t even need gift wrap. That’s right, Oribe’s holiday collection is also a work of art. This year, the haircare brand with a cult-following partnered with Los Angeles-based Block Shop Textiles to create gorgeous packaging you need to see to believe.

Block Shop Textiles was founded by sisters Hopie and Lily Stockman, who were inspired by traditional Indian textile work. Together, the sisters create large geometric patterns, gaining inspiration from everything from Art Deco architecture to morning flower market runs. Once they agree on a design, they hand it off to their team of fifth-generation craftspeople in Jaipur, India to hand-carve and hand-print using upcycled cotton scraps.

Like many modern love stories, Oribe and Block Shop Textiles’ collab started with a direct message on Instagram. Hopie and Lily accepted the challenge to translate their two-dimensional designs into three-dimensional packaging. The four final designs used in the packaging were specifically crafted to bring a sense of calm and simultaneously evoke joy—perfectly fit for the holiday season.

Check out the video above to learn more about Block Shop Textiles and their collaboration with Oribe. Shop the collection and find out what Hopie and Lily consider to be “the most beautiful work they’ve ever created”. (No gift wrap required).